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Polar vortex weakened: the course for winter is now under way

The polar vortex has a significant impact on our weather. Its weakening could result in an icy winter in Germany.

Offenbach – In winter * the so-called polar vortex forms over the North Pole – a low of frost air that has a significant influence on the weather * in Germany. If the polar vortex changes, there is a high probability that our weather will also change. As weather experts noted, this year the eddy could be particularly unstable and even collapse. The reason for this is the dwindling sea ice at the North Pole.

Although no new all-time minimum was reached this year, the Arctic sea ice is increasingly shrinking due to global warming. The resulting warmer air can have an enormous impact on the polar vortex. “The decline in Arctic sea ice can – similar to last year or in winter – be accompanied by a subsequent weakening of the polar vortex,” explains RTL meteorologist Björn Alexander to

Weather in Germany: The months of January and February would be particularly affected by an unstable polar vortex

If the polar vortex is weakened so much this year by the lack of ice that it changes, this could have massive effects. “A situation from which a striking weather situation can develop in Germany, especially in the middle of winter (January and February to the beginning of March). For example, a so-called polar vortex split, which sends us cold polar air or even Siberian ice air in Germany in winter, ”warns Alexander.

Weather in Germany: Weakened polar vortex can trigger a cold wave

A polar vortex split means that the polar vortex splits up due to excessively high temperatures in the middle of winter and, as a result, brings unusually cold air to Europe. Should this actually happen, a cold spell with storms, icy storms and black ice must be expected in Germany at the beginning of 2022. (tt)

It would not be the first time that a weakened polar vortex has caused an unusually harsh winter in Germany. In February 2021 in particular, a polar vortex split caused an extreme cold spell – maximum values below 0 degrees Celsius were consistently normal. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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