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Polar wind brings freezing cold: Now the frost shock threatens in Germany

The weather in December in Germany could be significantly colder than usual. The polar vortex is responsible for the icy winter.

Kassel – Is Germany threatened with a frost shock with freezing cold and icy temperatures in winter 2021/2022? The weather * was anything but good with the summer fans this year. Now the winter could turn out to be significantly colder than we are used to in Germany.

The trigger for this could be the polar vortex. Because it is currently weak and is extremely susceptible to malfunctions. Experts explain what the polar air is all about and whether Germany is facing a shiver winter.

Weather in Germany: What will winter 2021/2022 be like?

Winter in Germany is already heralding itself with Tief Nael. Temperatures are plummeting and the snow line is dropping enormously. Are these already the harbingers of a freezing cold winter of 2021/2022? The fact is that the polar vortex is extremely weak this year. “He has already been pushed aside,” explains meteorologist Jan Schenk. After the polar vortex was disturbed so early, the probability is higher that there will be another disturbance, according to the meteorologist.

Wie wird der Winter 2021/2022 in Deutschland?


What will winter 2021/2022 be like in Germany?

Another disturbance of the polar vortex in December 2021 could then bring ice-cold air back to Germany and cause a cold hammer in winter. According to the experts, the Christmas month could even be the coldest of the past ten years. The icy weather could even prevail into January.

Weather in Germany: will there be a white Christmas in December 2021?

Graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung takes a much more critical view of such forecasts. He first presents the forecast of the US weather service NOAA, which assumes that the winter 2021/2022 will tend to be too warm. But the December forecast by the European Weather Service contradicts this forecast. Accordingly, the south and center of Germany are threatened with much lower temperatures than usual, the meteorologist said to

Winter in Germany Mean daily mean temperature
2020/2021 1.8 degrees Celsius
2019/2020 4.2 degrees Celsius
2018/2019 2.8 degrees Celsius
2017/2018 1.5 degrees Celsius
2016/2017 1 degree Celsius

In a run for individual days, the NOAA forecast suddenly looks completely different as well. At Christmas, the US weather service expects a real cold snap. In one possible scenario, the forecast is: Between minus eight and minus nine degrees Celsius on Boxing Day. Snow down deep into the ground would then also be possible. Nevertheless, such forecasts are still extremely uncertain, reports Jung.

Will the disturbed polar vortex recover again or will it bring us bitterly cold weather and maybe even a white Christmas? The long-term prognoses cannot yet answer that. According to the qualified meteorologist, the chances are not bad that December 2021 could be “the most wintry month of the coming winter”. (slo) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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