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Police do not assume terrorism after knife attack in ICE

A man indiscriminately attacks train passengers with a knife. Terror? The investigators have no evidence of this. But there is evidence of mental illness.

Berlin – The knife attack on passengers of an ICE in Bavaria, the investigators do not consider an act of terrorism.

There are “no indications of an Islamist background,” said criminal director Sabine Nagel at a press conference in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. In addition, so far no indications have emerged that the 27-year-old suspect had accomplices or confidants.

An expert assumes that the man has “paranoid schizophrenia” and delusional ideas, said the chief public prosecutor Gerhard Neuhof. A judge ordered the alleged perpetrator to be placed in a psychiatric clinic. According to Neuhof, “the suspect’s responsibility was suspended at the time of the offense”. The placement order had been issued as requested by the public prosecutor. The accused will be housed in the Regensburg district hospital.

Acts not denied

The 27-year-old told the appraiser that he felt he was being followed by the police: They were sending men to drive him crazy. He felt threatened by a 26-year-old passenger on the train and “said that this man wanted to kill him”. He then stabbed his head heavily. According to his own statement, he then committed the other acts “as if in a dream,” said Chief Public Prosecutor Neuhof. “So he has not denied the deeds.” The investigation is for attempted murder.

Police Vice President Thomas Schöniger said: “So far, there have been indications of a psychological impairment in the suspect. However, this will have to be checked in the course of the further expert procedure.

Two victims still in the hospital

The man with Syrian citizenship is said to have randomly attacked fellow travelers on Saturday in the ICE Passau-Hamburg. Four men were injured in the process. The alleged perpetrator suddenly attacked a 26-year-old man in car 5 shortly after Regensburg and seriously injured his head, said Schöniger. After that he had cut the head and torso of a 60-year-old passenger and injuries to another 60-year-old. Then he stabbed a 39-year-old in the body in car 4. The two younger victims were still in the hospital on Sunday afternoon, said Schöniger.

After the train stopped, patrol officers got on the train and directed the alleged suspect to the ground while holding firearms, Schöniger said. He then allowed himself to be arrested without resistance. In his pants he had a blood-smeared jackknife with a blade length of eight centimeters.

Lost job the day before the crime

Police President Norbert Zink thanked travelers “who tried to prevent the suspect from further actions”. The suspect who came to Germany in 2014 and was born in Syria lost his job the day before the crime, according to the police.

Shortly after 9 a.m. on Saturday, emergency calls were received by the police and rescue services. The ICE stopped halfway between Regensburg and Nuremberg at the small Seubersdorf train station near Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. Because the situation was initially completely unclear, the police moved in with a large contingent and evacuated the train. According to the Red Cross, around 200 passengers were looked after and catered for in an inn until late afternoon. The ICE route between Regensburg and Nuremberg was only released again in the evening. dpa

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