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Praying instead of vaccinating: Preacher TV anti-vaccination agent dies after corona infection

The TV presenter and preacher of a Christian TV station in the USA died of the consequences of a corona infection.

Washington DC – He was the founder of the Christian television station Daystar in the US state of Texas and an avowed opponent of vaccinations: presenter Marcus Lamb. In his television programs, he spoke out against the corona vaccination several times.

The president of the American television station has now passed away at the age of 64. Several foreign media reported about it. The cause of death is said to have been a corona infection.

Corona: Vaccination opponent Marcus Lamb dies after corona infection

“With a heavy heart we announce that Marcus Lamb, President and Founder of Daystar Television Network, has gone home to be with the Lord,” tweeted the broadcaster on November 30, 2021. Earlier this month, the TV preacher was at Covid -19 got sick.

Lamb’s poor health was already known when the moderator’s young wife called for protective prayers: “Pray that his lungs will be cleared of Covid and pray that his oxygen levels will rise so that we can bring him home,” said she according to the American television station NBC.

Lamb and his wife had publicly denied the effect of corona vaccines several times. In mid-May, the couple falsely claimed that the vaccines would “kill the immune system”. “We want to warn you, we want to help you, we want to give you an alternative,” the New York Times quotes the television station’s founder. Instead of getting vaccinated, “we can pray,” said Lamb.

Corona: TV station propagated miracle healing

Numerous vaccine skeptics have already had their say in the programs of the television station Daystar-TV. Conspiracy theories are also regularly on the agenda. Classic topics of the station are also reports on miraculous healings and freedom of religion.

Lamb and his TV broadcaster made headlines in 2020 after remitting roughly $ 4 million. The station’s founder had received the money from a government aid fund intended to support businesses in need during the pandemic. But instead of the TV company, the money flowed into the TV preacher’s new private jet. A short time later, Lamb had to repay the full four million dollars.

Many prominent US evangelicals paid tribute to the TV host’s death. His anti-vaccination campaign was not discussed. He preached about heaven, taught about heaven, “and now he’s experiencing heaven,” tweeted Franklin Graham, son of evangelical icon Billy Graham.

Not a vaccine opponent, but a lateral thinker? The philosophical TV celebrity Richard David Precht had to take a lot of criticism after his statements about vaccination pressure. Now Precht has publicly commented on the lateral thinker allegations. (aa / dpa)

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