NewsPrince Andrew's ex-employee unpacks: bitter allegations are hailing again

Prince Andrew's ex-employee unpacks: bitter allegations are hailing again

Prince Andrew’s next ex-employee has spoken to the press about her time as a maid at the palace. She also makes serious allegations against Queen Elizabeth’s son.

London – After Janette McGown, Charlotte Briggs (47) has now also addressed the public and unpacked what it was like to work for Prince Andrew (61). The former Royal employee recalls this time with horror and raises new allegations*.

Prince Andrew’s ex-employee unpacks: bitter allegations are hailing again

For Prince Andrew, the downward spiral never ends. After Virginia Giuffre (38) sued for sexual abuse, the 61-year-old’s life was completely out of whack. It is now clear: The son of Queen Elizabeth II.* (95) must face the allegations in court, the judge responsible has rejected the motion to dismiss the lawsuit*. Andrew has to go through the process as a private citizen, his military titles were revoked by his mother. The Duke of York received little support from his family. Only his ex-wife Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson* (62) and his daughters Beatrice* (33) and Eugenie* (31) were by his side.

More and more allegations make Prince Andrew’s situation even more desolate. After a former maid and a former security officer have already unpacked about their experiences with the Royal*, the next ex-employee now speaks up.

Prinz Andrew trägt ein schwarzes Sakko und eine schwarze Krawatte (Symbolbild).


The noose around Prince Andrew’s neck keeps tightening (symbol image).

Prince Andrew’s ex-employee unpacks: Laughed at after a dog bite

According to Charlotte Briggs, she worked as a maid for Prince Andrew * for a few months in 1996. She described her job to The Sun as “a job nobody wanted”. Once she had to walk up an extra four floors to draw the curtains of a window next to which the Duke of York was sitting. “This man fought for his country in the Falkland Islands but couldn’t get up to close his own curtains. It was absolutely ridiculous, but it spoke volumes,” says Briggs. The 61-year-old also yelled at her and insulted her until she burst into tears.

She was also once bitten by Andrew’s dog. In response, the royal just laughed. “He did not care. Even when I was limping and my leg was purple, he didn’t apologize,” the 47-year-old quoted The Sun as saying.

Prinz Andrew schaut ernst nach oben (Symbolbild).


A former maid makes serious allegations against Prince Andrew (symbol image).

While Andrew said Briggs behaved “like a spoiled brat,” she has nothing but good things to say about other members of the Royal Family*. Prince Charles* (73) and Prince Edward* (57) have always been “wonderful” to her. At least a positive memory. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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