NewsPrince Philip secretly comforted Prince William: touching gesture at...

Prince Philip secretly comforted Prince William: touching gesture at funeral

Prince Philip was a caring grandfather. A new ITV documentary reveals a moment of privacy between grandpa and grandson Prince William when he believes he is not being watched.

London – There are no words for the pain that Princess Diana’s children (36, † 1997) had to go through from their early death at a young age. The incredibly moving recordings during the funeral, revealed in a new documentary, show how much the Duke of Edinburgh (99, † 2021) suffered with his grandson Prince William (39). In an unobserved second, safe from thousands of eyes, he tried to comfort his grandson *.

Prince Philip secretly comforted Prince William: touching gesture at funeral

Still today a picture of complete desolation: Together, but abandoned, follow in a row, with bowed heads, Prince Philip, Prince William *, Diana’s brother, the Earl of Spencer (57), Prince Harry * (37) and Prince Charles (73 ) Princess Diana’s coffin.

In einer Reihe gehen hinter Lady Dis Sarg (l-r): Prinz Philip, Prinz William, Earl Spencer, Prinz Harry, Prinz Charles.


Prince Philip (left) tried to assist Prince William (2nd from left) on the difficult corridor in the funeral procession.

There is a moment when the funeral procession leaves the Horse Guards Parade under an archway. Martin Palmer, the former religious advisor to husband Queen Elizabeth II. *, Discovered something in film footage that is now being shown for the first time in an ITV documentary. He asked Prince Philip * about it. His answer: “Yes, I didn’t think the cameras saw us [under the archway]”.

Prince Philip secretly comforted Prince William: touching gesture at funeral

Martin Palmer explains in the documentary: “At that moment he [Prince Philip] turned to William, who was walking next to him, and comforted him. You just have to look at this moment and understand that a grandfather is trying to help his young, very vulnerable grandson to get through this terrible moment. ”The incredibly moving images show the Duke of Edinburgh protecting his grandson with a hand Back lays.

Princes William and Harry were just 15 and 12 years old respectively when their mother Diana tragically passed away in August 1997. Prince Philip showed with the gesture that he understood what unreasonable expectation it was to be filmed in the face of the greatest personal grief. Prince William only spoke many years later about how he experienced the time *.

In einer Reihe gehen hinter Lady Dis Sarg (v.l.n.r.): Prinz Philip, Prinz William, Earl Spencer, Prinz Harry (verdeckt), Prinz Charles.


Between his grandfather Prince Philip (l) and his uncle, Earl Spencer (3rd from left), Prince William follows his mother’s coffin on September 6, 1997 in London with his head bowed low.

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In the new ITV documentary “Philip: Prince, Husband, Father” (Eng. “Philip: Prince, Husband, Father”), Hello! Focus on Prince Philip and his view of the role of the monarchy. In archive and sound recordings from 80 years, the Duke also speaks openly about the interference of the press and the future of Prince Charles *. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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