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Princess Beatrice: Her real name was the Queen to "Yuppie"

Queen Elizabeth II disapproved of Princess Beatrice’s baby name and exercised her royal veto. Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew had to submit.

London – Once upon a time there was a queen who disagreed with the name of her newborn granddaughter. What seems like a fairy tale is, according to a recent report by the Mirror, the pure truth. When Princess Beatrice (33) was born, there was a drama about her baby name. Queen Elizabeth II (95), who brought the royal name Beatrice Elizabeth Mary into play, prevailed. The parents’ suggestion was too “yuppie”, they say. *

Princess Beatrice: Her real name was the Queen to “Yuppie”

Sarah Ferguson * (62) and Prince Andrew * (61) wanted a different name for their first daughter. But the Queen was not at all enthusiastic about the name and called it too “yuppie”. Yuppies are by definition young, career-conscious climbers, mostly city dwellers, who attach great importance to their appearance, status symbols and a full bank account. The term yuppie was coined in Princess Beatrice’s * birth decade and the name Annabel sounded too much like it for the monarch.

Prinzessin Beatrice lächelt mit offenen Haaren glücklich in die Kamera.


Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew wanted to give their then baby a different name.

Of course, Sarah and Andrew could have disregarded it, but then they would have broken with a royal tradition. Members of the British royal family * seek the Queen’s approval in an informal conversation. Prince Harry * (37) has also asked the head of the United Kingdom for permission whether he and Duchess Meghan * (40) can baptize their little daughter Lilibet Diana (7 months). There were two reasons for this, as Lilibet was also the nickname Prince Philips * (99, † 2021) for his beloved wife and the parents of the reigning queen for their little girl Elizabeth.

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Princess Beatrice: She owes her current name to Queen Elizabeth II.

Allegedly, it took two weeks for the Yorks to announce an official name for their child because of the Queen’s concerns. The Queen brought the name Beatrice into play for this. The Duchess of York and Prince Andrew thanked Queen Elizabeth II * with a homage and gave the little girl with Elizabeth and Mary royal second and third names. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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