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Princess Charlène of Monaco: With the ambulance to the clinic

Worry again about Princess Charlène of Monaco. The state of health of the aristocrats does not allow them to return home.

Monte Carlo – Princess Charlène von Monaco (43) has been in South Africa for some time, where she is currently stuck. The health condition does not allow a trip home to Monte Carlo. Forced to stay in South Africa after health problems and a complicated operation, Charlène has now been temporarily hospitalized again. “She was brought there in the ambulance,” said the spokeswoman for her foundation, Chantell Wittstock, to the German Press Agency on Friday (September 3rd, 2021), but at the same time emphasized: “It was not a collapse; the healing just wasn’t making the progress the doctors had hoped for ”. In the evening she announced Charlene’s discharge.

The Princess had only recently had to undergo a four-hour operation under general anesthesia before she received a visit from her husband Prince Albert II and the two twins Gabriella and Jacques in South Africa. “It is currently in a stable condition,” said Wittstock. In the evening, she said: “On Monday, she will have a follow-up examination with her doctor.” Her plan to travel back to Monaco at the end of October remains unchanged.

Princess Charlène of Monaco: Stayed for months in South Africa

Charlène, who was taken to hospital on Wednesday evening, traveled to the country on the southern tip of Africa at the beginning of the year to support the fight against rhino poaching. What initially seemed like a home visit turned out to be a month-long permanent residence.

She told local media that an oral surgery performed prior to her trip had delayed her return. When flying at great heights, she cannot compensate for the pressure in the ears. She indicated the end of October as the return date.

Princess Charlène of Monaco: Speculations about separation from Prince Albert

The princess’s long-term stay in South Africa had fueled speculation on social media about a possible separation of the couple and a possible return of the princess to her old home. Charlène (43), on the other hand, repeatedly protested in interviews how much she missed her husband and, above all, the children. Charlène had met Albert, 20 years her senior, in a swimming competition in 2000, having previously played for the South African national team at the Olympic Games. (skr / dpa)

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Princess Charlènes "Martyrdom of Monaco": New details reveal sad things

Most recently, Charlène von Monaco looked very unhappy. The princess is said to have been saddened for many years.