NewsPrivate individuals defy the corona crisis with Christmas houses

Private individuals defy the corona crisis with Christmas houses

Brightly colored or contemplative: Even during the corona pandemic, many are decorating their houses with glowing snowmen, nutcrackers and reindeer at Christmas time.

Balzhausen / Oberhausen – Despite Corona, so-called Christmas houses are shining again in many places throughout Germany this year.

Whether Delmenhorst in the north, Balzhausen in the south, Oberhausen in the west or Merseburg in the east – private people have lavishly decorated their houses and gardens there and in many other places, turning on tens of thousands of lights even before the first Advent on this Sunday.

“It’s a certain hobby. We don’t have any children ourselves and do it for the public, ”says Josef Glogger from Balzhausen in Bavaria. 35,000 to 40,000 LEDs illuminate his house, garden and a crib set up there. At Glogger, things are still comparatively simple, he relies on contemplative white: “Better a uniform color. I think the brightly colored area doesn’t fit at Christmas time, at least not in our area, ”he says.

Dirk van Acken from Oberhausen in the Ruhr area falls into a decorative frenzy with his wife every late autumn, when the festival is slowly approaching. He not only decorates his house from the outside: Snowmen, nutcrackers, reindeer, countless figures and Christmas trinkets of all kinds are cleared from their overcrowded garage into their 94-square-meter apartment.

In Merseburg in Saxony-Anhalt, a 91-year-old turns a settlement house into a Christmas fairy tale. At the push of a button, a huge pyramid rotates, an oversized arch begins to glow, and visitors sound a carillon and a music box. Herbert Thews has practiced this hobby for almost half of his life, as he says. Thews is a little poor in health, but he doesn’t want to miss his Christmas hobby. “As a pensioner you need a job.”

The Borchart family’s house in Delmenhorst near Bremen is now known far beyond Lower Saxony. “There is nothing that is not illuminated,” says Sven Borchart, who decorated the house together with his wife Martina Borchart and their adult son. “The big reward are children who stand in front of the gate with big eyes and ask whether Santa Claus lives here.” Dpa

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