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Propheco warns about the less hygienic and more misleading panela cheeses

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office warned about the marketing of ‘false’ panela cheeses or those that offer less product than they promise. These are the brands that break the rules.

Profeco detected two brands that fail to comply with what is announced on the product label, giving less quantity, quality or nutrients than what they promise.

In addition, it identified some products that decompose faster, generating the appearance of fungi and yeast due to poor sanitary management.

Panela cheese brands that contain less than they promise

The Carranco brand , whose label indicates a content of 400 grams, actually contains 9.9 grams less.

And the Zwan Premium brand contains 4.4 grams less than the 400 that the packaging promises.

Panela cheese brands that spoil quickly

The ‘Aguascalientes fresh panela cheese’ brand is one of the brands that spoils the fastest due to poor health management, along with Great Value, in its 400-gram version of “light panela cheese.”

In addition, this list also includes the Los Pioneros de la V del Mu brand , which is also an imitation of panela cheese in bulk.

Panela cheese with less protein than declared

Profeco identified that the following brands contain less protein than indicated on their labels:

*Zwan Premium Panela Cheese 200 grams, instead of containing 17% protein, it contains 15.34%.

*The Mu V Pioneers contain only 9.02% protein and not 15%, as their label says.

*Great Value Panela Cheese 400 grams, contains excess trans fats.

Well-Rated Panela Cheese Brands

The Federal Consumer Protection Office also pointed out that the following brands do meet the standards, do not contain excess trans fats and contain the grams that they promise:

*Bafar panela cheese in bulk 400 grams.

*Covadonga panela cheese of 400 grams.

*Bionda panela cheese melted 400 grams.

*Fud panela cheese 300 grams.

*Lala panela cheese 200 grams.

*The Volcanoes panela cheese 400 grams.

* Nochebuena artisanal panela cheese 400 grams.

*Little Hood panela cheese lactose-free 400 grams.

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