NewsProsecutor sees low motives

Prosecutor sees low motives

What could have induced a 31-year-old today to steer his car into a Rose Monday procession in 2020? The accused is silent.

Kassel – In the process of driving the car on the Carnival Monday procession in Volkmarsen in northern Hesse, the public prosecutor’s office applied for the allegation of attempted murder to be taken into account for low motives.

The prosecutors argued on Thursday at the Kassel regional court that the alleged perpetrator only had three motives: first, profound hatred and revenge for their own desperate life situation, second, the striving for attention, or third, the simple thrill.

The accused “perhaps attracted the prospect of being master of life and death”. Each of the motifs is particularly reprehensible and despicable. Committing such an act simply to relieve frustration suggests an inhuman disposition. The defense rejected the assumption of base motivation. Since her client did not comment on the act, she was speculative.

The defendant is accused of driving a car into a crowd of spectators in Volkmarsen on February 24, 2020. The man is said to have purposely steered the car into the crowd. 90 people – including children – suffered serious injuries. The motive for the act is so far completely unclear. The defendant has not spoken out since his arrest – neither to the police nor to the court.

The public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt had accused the 31-year-old originally 91 times attempted murder as well as dangerous bodily harm in 90 cases and dangerous interference in road traffic. On Thursday the case was dropped in two cases. The accused now has to answer in 88 cases for attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm, in one case for attempted murder and dangerous interference with road traffic. dpa

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