NewsQueen Máxima: She is loved by her fans for...

Queen Máxima: She is loved by her fans for performing like this

On the fringes of Queen Máxima’s visit to Leusden, a heartbreaking encounter takes place. For moments like this, her fans are at her feet.

Leusden – Queen Máxima (50) came to the opening of the new headquarters of AFAS Software to inspect the new building and to get an explanation of how it works. As always, a crowd of fans was waiting for the regent in front of the company. A familiar face in the crowd. Josée is a fashion photographer and has photographed the Dutch queen hundreds of times. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. When the native Argentine leaves the house, it comes to an incredible encounter. *

Queen Máxima: She is loved by her fans for performing like this

At the time, Josée is still waiting for her prognosis, which she will receive after the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. But she had the feeling that she didn’t have much strength left to do her job. So she pulls herself together and goes to a spot one last time to wait for the woman at King Willem-Alexander’s * (54) side, as she always did for her fashion photos. In her hands she is holding a bunch of flowers to say goodbye.

Königin strahlt in einem grünen Kostüm mit einem großen grünen Hut in die Kamera


Queen Máxima visits the AFAS Software headquarters in Leusden.

When Queen Máxima * steps out the door, she sees the waiting crowd of fans and photographers in front of her. She discovers Josée immediately and approaches her directly. Your reaction causes tears and excitement among the bystanders, even if they cannot understand the exchange that follows. Observers later say that it seemed as if Máxima had already learned of the stroke of fate. With presence of mind, a companion Josées records everything in a video.

Queen Máxima: Only a few crowned heads allow so much closeness

“I want you. . . “, Josée begins her sentence before the mother of three interrupts her and says:” Come here “and takes her tightly in her arms. Máxima has tears in her eyes when she whispers to Josée: “I’ll miss you”. The two exchange a few words before the Dutch royal hugs them one last time.

Königin Màxima umarmt einen loyalen erkrankten Royal-Fan und spricht herzliche Worte.


The Royal fans witnessed a heartbreaking encounter with Queen Máxima and a loyal fan.

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Josée has treatments ahead, it remains to be seen how things will continue. But the encounter with the royal companion puts a happy smile on her face, in which the whole world shares, because her companion posted the loving gesture of Máxima on Twitter.

Having just returned from a trip from the metropolis of Dubai *, this queen never loses her grip on the ground, her focus on the essentials and a feeling for the right moment. For that they love the fans.

Picture list: © ANP / Imago

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