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Reasons why spring increases sexual desire

It seems that we have already left the cold of winter and are moving towards the joys of spring. Time to put the coats in the closet and take out the shorts and dresses. And why not say it, condoms too. And it is that, when spring arrives, our sexual desire increases.

As soon as the weather warms up, humans and animals in general suffer the same fate. Libido skyrockets; it is called:
spring fever.

Starting with Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution

According to Darwin’s evolutionary theory, “survival of the fittest” referred to the fact that individuals who wandered in winter, without a mate or tribe, were much less likely to survive harsh weather and thus reproduce. Therefore, their body tells them to find a mate before the weather turns colder so they have a better chance of having young. And it is that the biological clock revolves around the climate.

As it is, spring increases our sexual desire. You may not be trying to get pregnant now (or never) – if you are a woman – but the body is silently screaming “reproduce yourself.” It is nothing more than a key factor in evolutionary survival. According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine, the mating habits of animals are directly related to the change of seasons. We are in tune with our biological clocks. Our bodies know that hatchling survival rates skyrocket when the weather is warmer; the food is abundant, the climate is mild …

So when spring arrives and warm weather abounds, our biological mating alarm is on .

Spring puts us in a better mood

Once the sun rises and warms the earth, it also warms our body, because being trapped inside all winter and not getting the vitamin D we need from the sun, our mood is resentful. Many studies have determined that
vitamin D deficiency is directly related to depression. While you can counteract the side effects with a daily vitamin D supplement, nothing replaces a good dose of sunshine. Once we are abroad, our mood improves without delay.

Suddenly, we are more inclined to find a partner – even if it is sporadic. We all feel more positive and ready to look at life with different eyes. It also fuels our desire to have sex, to have human contact.

While the reasons for spring fever remain a somewhat elusive phenomenon for the scientific community, the documented changes in behavior, mating patterns, and mood are highly documented and evident.

According to Boston Medical Group, we could summarize the main reasons for increased libido in six:

1. Food: Some of the seasonal fruits have aphrodisiac components, for example, strawberries, which directly affect the endocrine glands that drive sexual attitude; or avocado, rich in folic acid, vitamin B6 and potassium.
2. Sexual chemistry: Heat magnifies our body odor; This aroma has a direct effect on the pheromones, whose sole purpose is to attract the attention of the opposite sex.
3. Vitamin from the Sun: More hours of sun allow us to generate 90% of the vitamin D required by the body. These rays of sunlight on our skin generate a higher level of testosterone, a key hormone in men to increase libido and sexual desire.
4. Less stress : Sunlight is good for the body. We produce more endorphins, which help reduce stress and therefore increase sexual desire.
5. More positive attitude : We say goodbye to winter and that leads to a more optimistic view of reality.
6. Spring clothes: The heat causes us to wear lighter clothes, something that enhances sensuality and positively influences libido and sexual desire.

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