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Record number of new corona infections: Germany in the "top group" worldwide

In terms of new corona infections, Germany is in the negative “top group” worldwide. Statistics show the Federal Republic even ahead of Great Britain and Russia.

Frankfurt – The fourth wave of the Corona * pandemic is underway. The Robert Koch Institute reported a seven-day incidence of 263.7 * on Friday (November 12, 202021), the highest value since the pandemic began. The day before, on Thursday (November 11th, 2021), the RKI reported 50,196 new infections. That is also a negative record.

For a few days now, Germany has been in the top group of countries with the most new corona infections and on Thursday (11.11.2021) it was in second place behind the USA *, where, according to Johns Hopkins University, 63,245 new infections with the corona virus were reported. The UK * had the third highest number of new infections reported with 43,511 cases. In Russia * there were 39,584 new infections on Thursday.

Statistics on new corona infections see Germany ahead of Great Britain and Russia

In the meantime, a list of the corona case numbers from the statistics portal was circulating on social media, which evaluates data from national health ministries, government institutions and health authorities and is repeatedly consulted by various governments and the media, including the New York Times. According to Worldometer, Germany even reported the most new infections on Thursday (11/11/2021) with 50,337 and was ahead of the USA, where there should have been 43,596 new infections. However, numbers from different sources can always vary somewhat, which explains the differences in the listing.

New corona infections: WHO warns of trend in Europe

The number of corona cases thus confirms the trend that the World Health Organization (WHO) is warning of. In its weekly pandemic report on Wednesday (November 10th, 2021), the WHO reported that around 3.1 million new cases had occurred worldwide. 1.9 million infections occurred in Europe, which is almost two-thirds of the world’s cases.

In Europe, there is a contrasting trend towards global development: New corona infections are declining in all regions – except in Europe, reported the editorial network Germany, citing the WHO report. Hans Kluge, WHO Director for Europe, warned in view of the rising number of cases of up to 500,000 more deaths by February if no measures are taken to stop Corona.

“We have to do everything we can to break this dynamic. Otherwise it will be a bitter December for the whole country. “

Jens Spahn at the federal press conference on November 12, 2021 on the fourth corona wave

New corona infections in Germany: RKI President calls for measures

“It’s 5 past 12”, emphasized RKI President Lothar Wieler at the federal press conference on the Corona situation on Friday (November 12th, 2021). Over 8,000 corona patients are currently being treated in intensive care units. The so-called fourth wave can only be slowed down with new corona measures. The acting Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn * warned that intensive care units in several federal states were working at the limit, so that emergency patients with heart attacks or strokes could no longer be treated appropriately. (Max Schäfer) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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