AutoRenault Captur E-Tech: plug in French

Renault Captur E-Tech: plug in French

Renault has set out to conquer the plug-in hybrid segment under the name E-Tech, applied to the Renault Captur launched in 2020. As with the rest of the PHEV models on the market, to drive the Captur E-Tech and take advantage of its consumption contents , the vast majority of journeys must be made in an urban environment. That is when we can benefit from the electric mode, with which we reach 50 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle , but which can be higher if we maintain very efficient driving. To do this, we will make the most of the regenerative braking capacity , which allows us to maintain an optical battery level. We have discovered all this during the in-depth test of the Renault Captur E-Tech with Zen finish .

The tested model wore the Gray tone with a two-tone black roof, a very recurring combination for urban models. The size of the plug-in hybrid Captur is identical to that of the thermal models, at 4.22 meters long by 1.79 meters wide and 1.57 meters high . The 2.63 wheelbase offers more than decent space for rear passengers, who can also modify the position of the bench to give more or less space to the trunk. The load capacity is greatly affected by the presence of electrical technology, offering from 265 liters to 379 liters compared to 422 liters for gasoline.

The Renault Captur range is made up of thermal blocks, two 100 hp and 130 hp gasoline as well as a 95 hp diesel and another 100 hp LPG option . Plug-in hybrid variants have been the last to reach dealerships, keeping the same design but with a significantly different driving feel. During our week with the Captur E-Tech we have been able to verify how easy it is to circulate through the center of a city like Madrid, largely due to the presence of the DGT sign on the windshield, which means saving on parking, headaches on access restrictions and savings in environmental pollution. We will tell you more below in the gallery.

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