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Reporting corona infections as work and school accidents can be worthwhile

Regardless of whether you are an employee or a student – if the infection occurs in connection with your job or in class, the accident insurance fund will cover the costs incurred. What consumers need to know.

Berlin – If a person gets infected with Corona, the health insurance company actually bears the costs for medically necessary treatments. In certain cases, however, an infection is considered an insured event in the statutory accident insurance.

According to, in the event of death, there is a right to financial support for the surviving dependents. In addition, the accident insurance pays an injury pension for long-term consequences. Medical, social and professional rehabilitation is also covered, including wage replacement costs and retraining measures. This is reported by

The group of insured persons includes daycare children, pupils and students. What should be observed and under what circumstances should an infection be reported as an accident?

Report corona infection as an occupational accident

If an infection occurs as part of an activity, voluntary work or a visit to a university, the infection can be reported as an occupational accident. The Techniker Krankenkasse and the Unfallkasse Hessen clarify this. The symptomatic illness must occur within two weeks of proven, intensive contact with an infectious person. Whether the contact with the so-called index person was intensive enough can be heard from the information from the Robert Koch Institute.

Accordingly, a minimum duration of ten minutes without mouth and nose protection must be observed; in the case of a conversation, a shorter period of time may be relevant. In the case of long stays, a person who is in the same room can also be considered an index person – despite wearing mouth and nose protection. Larger outbreaks in the professional environment are also conceivable as evidence if no specific index person can be determined. In addition to the workplace, the way to work is also relevant as an encounter situation.

However, professional associations and accident insurers also check in each individual case whether there are outbreaks or infections in the private sphere at the same time. The disease must be confirmed by a PCR or antigen blood test.

Employers have a duty to report accidents at work to the responsible insurance company, serious or even fatal accidents even immediately. However, if the disease is largely symptom-free, the infection only has to be entered in the first aid book. Any later consequences or an aggravation of the symptoms that require treatment allow an accident report to be made on the basis of the entry in the first-aid book.

Report COVID-19 as an occupational disease

Corona is already considered an occupational disease in some professions. Examples are jobs in the health service, in welfare work, in a laboratory with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, specifically in hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies or care facilities.

A notification as an occupational disease also requires that at least mild symptoms occur after infection. If health consequences only occur later, an occupational disease can also be recognized retrospectively.

Employees must contact the respective trade association or association, such as the German Association for Intensive Care Medicine (DIVI).

Corona infection in children can be recognized as a school accident

As the Unfallkasse Hessen explains, confirmation by PCR test is required when reporting the corona infection as a school accident as well as in the case of an occupational accident. However, schools are not obliged to report positive cases to the accident insurance fund. An accident report only has to be submitted if the infection took place at school, for example as part of a major outbreak or proven by successful contact tracing.

If the sick school or day care child initially only had mild symptoms, a subsequent accident report can also be created here based on an entry in the first-aid book. If this is not available, other documents such as entries in the class register will suffice. Children who fall ill with long-Covid, for example, are also entitled to benefits. (Tanja Koch)

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