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Result Rafa Nadal – Berrettini live today | Australian Open semifinal and how the match turned out

Rafa Nadal wins the Australian Open 2022 semifinal against Matteo Berrettini and will be in the final of the tournament in search of his 21st Grand Slam.

Rafa Nadal vs Berrettini live today: result and how the match is going

When will Rafa Nadal play the final of the Australian Open?

Rafa Nadal , who is waiting to meet his next rival, will play the final of the Australian Open 2022 next Sunday, January 30, starting at 9:30 a.m.

Nadal will seek his 21st Grand Slam in the Melbourne final

Rafa Nadal is already in the final of the Australian Open after beating Matteo Berrettini and is already expecting a rival for Sunday, which will come from the other semifinal between Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas. So far the live of Nadal’s match at the Australian Open. Thank you very much for being there and we have a date with history next Sunday in the final, starting at 9:30.

Nadal: “I have another chance in 2022”

Nadal talks about his chance to win his second Australian Open and become the first tennis player with 21 Grand Slams. “I feel very lucky to have won one in 2009, I have another option, 2022. I will try my best in two days, I don’t want to think about the records,” the Spaniard said at the foot of the track.

He has also talked about what it has been like to play on the deck at Rod Laver Arena – a rainy day in Melbourne. “Everyone knows that I prefer to play outdoors, but the stadium is impressive. I knew that before the game, so it doesn’t matter if they covered or not. A few months ago I didn’t know if I was going to be able to play tennis, so it’s not worth worrying about.

Nadal: “It means a lot”

“It means a lot,” says Nadal, about his passage to the final. The Spaniard was very excited at the Rod Laver Arena.


What a great match for Rafa Nadal! Victory in four sets against Matteo Berrettini, number 7 in the ATP, in about three hours of meeting with a final result of 6-3, 6-2, 3-6 and 6-3. Nadal is in his sixth final in Melbourne and will fight this Sunday for his 21st Grand Slam! The Spaniard is very excited to see himself in the final after everything that has happened in recent months! A unique athlete and an example!


The Italian stayed on the net! NADAL GETS INTO THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINAL! 6-3, 6-2, 3-6 and 6-3 for Nadal against Berrettini. Great Rafael!

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (5-3) 40-15 That doesn’t happen!

TWO MATCH BALLS FOR NADAL! He endured the Spanish with the backhand, went to the net and in the attempt to pass the Italian, he stayed on his side.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (5-3) 30-15. Attack the Italian and fail

The Italian rushes the last bullets but failed. 30-15 for Nadal! Two points from the final!

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (5-3) 15-15 Nadal volley!

Serve and network of the Spanish to put the 15-15. Start of heart attack after a double fault by Nadal. He is serving to get into his sixth Australian Open final.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); 5-3 CHRISTMAS BREAKS!

BREAK! What a kick! The Italian stayed in the net after a great wear. NADAL SERVES TO GET INTO THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINAL!

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (4-3) Ad-40. Another break ball for Rafa!

Berrettini left the ball in the net with the drive! New opportunity to break for Nadal!

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (4-3). It gets away!

Deuces! What an exchange of blows! More than twenty exchanges from one side to another. The crusader escaped the Spanish for a bit. Same! This follows!

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (4-3). Break ball for Rafa!

40-30 on the scoreboard. BREAK BALL FOR NADAL!

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (4-3) 30-30 Nadal’s great forehand!

First points lost by Berrettini with his serve in this set. A good return from Nadal caused the Italian’s subsequent error and a great forehand from the Spaniard allowed him to enjoy 30-30. Press the Spanish to the rest.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); 4-3. Game for Nadal!

Key game! And Nadal pulls it out! The Italian had tightened, very sure after having forced this fourth set. But Nadal has known how to maintain his composure and has pulled off a very important game. Stay ahead on the scoreboard. Now it’s time to try to squeeze with the rest.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (3-3) 30-30 The Italian fails with the right!

He got the right one in Italian! Nadal snorts! The Italian was pressing, but Nadal moved his rival from one side to the other and he ended up failing, crashing the ball into the net with his right hand.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); 3-3. Berrettini gives no choice!

Another blank game for the Italian with his serve! And there are five in a row! With an ace he has made it 3-3 on the scoreboard in this fourth set.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); 3-2. Nadal maintains the initiative

Game for Nadal! The Spaniard is still ahead on the scoreboard despite the fact that Berrettini has raised the bar and is putting his rival in more trouble

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (2-2) 30-15. Nadal kick!

Good point from Nadal! He played with a deep, more aggressive point and the Italian failed to return it to the other side. Point that allows him to dominate with his service and make it 30-15 after a great forehand from Berrettini. The Spaniard clenches his fist and shows him that he is still on the track after the great reaction of the Italian.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); 2-2. Another game without points to the rest!

Berrettini scores another blank game again and there are four in a row for the Italian. He puts the tables on the scoreboard in this second set.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); 2-1. Blank game for Nadal!

Nadal responds with another blank service as well. Good serves from the Spaniard and a perfect volley allow him to continue taking the initiative in this third set.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); 1-1. Blank serve for Berrettini

Three consecutive games leads the Italian without giving any point to the rest! It is now costing Nadal to do damage with Berrettini’s service.

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); 1-0 Game for Nadal!

Nadal celebrates 1-0 in the fourth set! The Italian pressed in a great moment of confidence, but Nadal managed to get the set through. The Spaniard takes the initiative in this fourth set. Live game in the semifinal of the Australian Open!

(6-3, 6-2, 3-6); (0-0). What a drop from Rafa!

Berrettini was pressing, but Nadal made a great drop shot to make it 30-30 on the scoreboard. The ball bounced close to the net and opened towards the corridor, the Italian has returned it, but not inside the track.

We’re going to the fourth set! Nadal-Berrettini (6-3, 6-2, 3-6)

Good reaction from the Italian to force the fourth set, but Nadal continues to show a great level and is only one set away from the Australian Open final. This set cannot be escaped! It will start serving Spanish.

(6-3, 6-2); (3-6). SET PARA BERRETTINI

How did the Italian get out! White game and first set in the pocket for him. Berrettini shortens the distance but Nadal continues to lead with two sets to one.

(6-3, 6-2); (3-5) 0-30. Two aces from the Italian!

Two aces from the Italian allow him to get closer to the first balls of the set.

(6-3, 6-2); 3-5. BREAK DE BERRETTINI

Break the Italian! A great forehand from Berrettini allows him to take Nadal’s serve for the first time in the match. He will then serve to try and close out this set.

(6-3, 6-2); (3-4) 15-40. Save the first!

Good serve from Rafa to save the first.

(6-3, 6-2); (3-4). Three break balls for Berrettini!

0-40 on the scoreboard. The first break balls arrive in the entire match for the Italian. Nadal will have to lift three to put the tables!

(6-3, 6-2); (3-4) (0-30). squeeze the italian

A wide forehand from Nadal and then a good running forehand from the Italian made him enjoy 0-30 with the Spaniard’s service. Berrettini’s defiant look.

(6-3, 6-2); 3-4. Berrettini Blank Set

The Italian maintains the initiative in the set, who for the first time in the match adds four games in a set. He has put the 3-4 on the scoreboard after a blank service. The Italian does not lower his arms despite going two sets down in just over two hours of play at the Rod Laver Arena.

(6-3, 6-2); (3-3) 0-40 Italian kick!

What a ball the Italian has scored! He hit the ball from outside and it flew into the court. Good point from the Italian.

(6-3, 6-2); 3-3 Nadal gets his service forward!

The Spanish put the 3-3 on the scoreboard! The game was a bit complicated for him, but he came out of the situation with flying colours. He continues without conceding any break ball to his rival.

(6-3, 6-2); (2-3) 40-30. squeeze the italian

The Italian is tightening in this game. Nadal enjoyed 40-0, but two consecutive errors have opened the possibilities for Berrettini.

(6-3, 6-2); 23. Game for Berrettini

The Italian maintains the initiative in this third set, to which he clings to stay alive in the Australian Open. Pity a Nadal volley that bounced in the corridor after having handled the point well. The Spaniard was looking for the first break ball of this set, but it hasn’t arrived…so far!

(6-3, 6-2); (2-2) 15-15. What a right from Rafa!

He insisted on the Italian’s backhand, and then with the court open he hit a winning right down the line! Spanish leveling! (15-15)

(6-3, 6-2); 2-2 equal Nadal!

Game for Rafa! Another Spanish game in which he has only given one point to the rest.

(6-3, 6-2); (1-2) 30-15 Direct kick from Rafa!

Ace de Nadal to get ahead with his serve! The Spaniard started from behind after failing a volley from behind that the Italian celebrated with a raised fist. Afterwards Rafa has put the tables with a good drive and with the serve he already commands with his service.

(6-3, 6-2); 1-2. The Italian maintains the initiative

What a shout the Italian has hit after winning the final point! Nadal forced the 40-40, but then the ball got stuck with the drive and gave Berrettini an advantage, who did not forgive afterwards. Berrettini is still ahead in this set. First break, each with their service.

(6-3, 6-2); (1-1) 30-40 What a winning return from Rafa!

It was being a comfortable service for the Italian, who has been encouraged after a ball to the line. With 15-40 on the scoreboard, Nadal has put in an incredible return. What a warning he has sent you!

(6-3, 6-2); 1-1 Game for Nadal!

How is the right working for Nadal! He is dealing to one side and the other, causing Berrettini’s error. Only a double fault from the Spaniard -the first of the match- has meant that he did not win the game with blank service.

(6-3, 6-2); 0-1 Game for Berrettini

The Italian takes his service forward! For the first time Berrettini ahead on the scoreboard, but the Italian did not have an easy game.

(6-3, 6-2); 40-40

What a level of Nadal! Pressing the Italian from the first moment of the set. Same for now! with the Berrettini service.

Go for the third set! At the service, Berrettini

Nadal already has two sets in his pocket. We’re going for the third! Start serving Italian!

6-3, 6-2. SECOND SET, NADAL!

Without hesitation, without giving options, with an eye already on the final victory, Rafael Nadal conquers the second set in full display against Matteo Berrettini.

6-3, 5-1. Nadal, about to the second set!

Berrettini cannot cough Nadal with his serve and the Spaniard will remain to win the second set. The match is not a match as such, it is an exhibition by Rafael Nadal Parera.

6-3, 3-0. AND OTHER! Unstoppable Nadal!

Berrettini is out of the game thanks to the unbeatable work of Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard hardly suffers against one of the best servers on the circuit and his baseline game sets the tone for the game. A lot of advantage in this second part.

6-3, 1-0. Another break for Rafa!

Spectacular, truly spectacular, the deployment of the Spanish idol on the Melbourne table. At the first change, repeating the strategy of the opening set, Nadal breaks Berrettini’s serve and takes an advantage.


The Spanish tennis player wins the first set of the match with an immaculate game, based on dominance with the serve and, above all, a forehand that has been perfected with the passing of the rounds. Nadal suffered a minimum, but on the fourth ball he was able to tie the first set.

5-2. Nadal, at the gates of the set!

Rafael Nadal is sweeping the game at the Rod Laver Arena, and as a result is on the verge of winning the first set. He will get his first chance on Berrettini’s serve next.

3-1. First game for Berrettini

Not without suffering, the Italian opens his locker in the match. Service game that ends with an ace and begins to show the credentials of the transalpine.

2-0. It starts like a Nadal shot!

The strategy is clear and bears fruit the first time. After a game suffered by the man from Manacor, Rafa broke Berrettini’s serve and placed himself dominating in the first set. Let’s go!

Starts the match!

The semifinal of the Australian Open between Rafael Nadal and Matteo Berrettini is already at stake. Spanish at the service.


04:35. Very good days! Rafael Nadal makes us get up early again, surely for the last day at these ungodly hours, but here we are one more morning to comment on the semifinals of the Australian Open with the Spanish hero in contention against Matteo Berrettini, in the power to power struggle to enter in the final in Melbourne. Both contenders are already at the entrance of the track so… the show is about to start!

Rafa Nadal’s statements

After winning the 2022 Australian Open quarterfinal match against Shapovalov, Rafa Nadal explained the importance of “being able to rest” and assured that although “the conditions are tough” he would have enough days to reach this semifinal in good condition.

Where to watch Rafa Nadal’s match?

The semifinals of the Australian Open 2022 can be seen live on television through the Eurosport 1 channel, available on the Movistar + and DAZN platforms.

When does Nadal play the semifinal of the Australian Open?

Rafa Nadal faces Matteo Berrettini in the Australian Open 2022 semifinal today, Friday, January 28, starting at 4:30 p.m.

Rafa Nadal’s shirt at the Australian Open

Rafa Nadal wears the Nike Court Dri-FIT ADV Rafa model, a shirt that is part of the Mallorcan’s collection for Nike, so it does not show off the famous Nike logo, but rather the bull logo that identifies the tennis player.

The injury will take its toll on Nadal: the money he can lose due...

Rafa Nadal's injury will deprive him of playing several tournaments, with the consequent loss of points and giving up a good sum of money.

The serious consequences of Nadal's injury

Rafael Nadal may suffer important consequences derived from his loss due to a fissure in the third rib arch, produced in Indian Wells.

Nadal misses Montecarlo and Godó and would arrive very fair in Madrid

Rafael Nadal will miss several tournaments due to the injury to the third rib caused in the Indian Wells Masters 1000.

Nadal: "I'm sunk"

Rafa Nadal suffers a stress crack in the third left costal arch that will keep him off the court for between 4 and 6 weeks.

Nadal: "It was difficult for me to breathe"

Rafa Nadal revealed after the loss to Fritz in Indian Wells that it was difficult for him to breathe due to chest pain.