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Review: Dyson Omni Glide versus the Dyson V11

During the pandemic, cleaning the house became an extra with which many of us dealt more than we thought, in my case being inside my home was somewhat rare, since I spent my days between the office, traveling and attending events ; practically came home to sleep.

After being locked up for more than a year, my use of appliances grew a lot and is in line with what is estimated globally, since the appliance market will be worth about $ 32.48 billion by 2025, according to an Adroit report. Market Research.

The Dyson Omni Glide is one of those gadgets that are appreciated and that even encourage everyone involved at home to vacuum for two simple reasons: it is light equipment and it is quick to use, which gives advantages to seniors, not so young children, men and women to use it. Part of the objectives of the Omni Glide, at least from its communication, is that users stop using brooms at home, something that in my case almost 100% happened.

To have more context of use, certain clarifications must be made, the first is that in the apartment where I live, 85% of the space is a floor type floor, which is easy to clean, while in the living room and in the bathrooms there are some rugs. Another aspect to note is that I hate using a broom because I have long hair and dealing with my hair loss is very frustrating, which has led me to use vacuum cleaners for a couple of years.

The vacuuming companion that has accompanied me is also a Dyson, the V11, a larger team and with more accessories than the Omni Glide. One of the advantages of the second is that it is much lighter and more functional in the head, since it can move in a unidirectional way, which gives it added value with respect to the V11, since it reaches corners that would require a head change.

And although this detail may seem minimal, it is something that saves time and effort, and where technology plays a relevant role, as the Omni Glide improves features that we have already seen in previous Dyson equipment.

The Dyson Omni Glide has a Fluffy cleaning head, composed of two motorized rollers that move with the help of four wheels that rotate 360º. The head filaments are made of carbon fiber and antistatic which makes it very easy to lift dust from hard floors and aid in the suction of dust or particles in carpets.

Similar to the Dyson V11, the key to the Omni Glide’s operation is in the engine, as it has a 105,000 rpm Dyson Hyperdymium and eight cyclones that generate forces of 98,000 G. Unlike the V11, the new Dyson equipment is less powerful. , but it does its cleaning job.

In short, it is a smaller but functional sister that many users will notice due to the speed of use and load it has.

Although comparing this pair of vacuum cleaners may be a bit unfair, since the V11 is much more powerful, it seems to me that the comparison comes in handy, since it is one of those doubts that users of smart vacuum cleaners have when renewing or complementing their cleaning line or that for some new users it could help them to choose the type of vacuum cleaner they will have at home.

One of the conclusions I came to is that the Omni Glide will stick around for quick home use, so-called quick cleanings when surprise guests arrive, or when some of the coffee we’re brewing in the morning has been spilled. Another deduction is that users who are between acquiring a Roomba, or a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner, this Dyson vacuum cleaner will make them hesitate to do so, as it is a cheaper device than its older sister, the V11.

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