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Roland Emmerich: Marvel and Star Wars are "ruining" the film industry

The Marvel and Star Wars franchises are among the most successful film productions of all time. According to director Roland Emmerich, however, they damage the film industry.

Stuttgart – Many fans have a clear preference for the Star Wars films. Some see the original trilogy as the ultimate, others prefer the more recent releases or the hugely successful Disney series. In the Marvel Universe, too, there are certain fan preferences when it comes to heroes or villains. The two series are among the most successful film productions of all time and still inspire millions of viewers.

Hollywood director Roland Emmerich, who was born in Stuttgart* and is best known for his disaster films, said in an interview about his new film “Moonfall” that Marvel and Star Wars would “ruin” the entire film industry, reports the techradar portal .com . The sometimes very controversial filmmaker has alienated millions of passionate fans, as comments on Facebook show.

Roland Emmerich on the current situation in the film industry – “no one makes their own films anymore”

If you think of the big film and series successes of the past few years, you will quickly recognize a certain pattern. Film series such as “Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter” as well as series successes such as “Game of Thrones” are all based on a literary template. The same is also true for the Marvel and DC film productions based on the comics from the publishers of the same name. According to Roland Emmerich, the current lack of original film ideas is due to the excessive box office success of the Marvel and Star Wars flicks. “Basically, Marvel, DC and Star Wars took over the film industry,” said the Stuttgart native. “It ruins our industry because nobody makes their own films anymore.”

Roland Emmerich


“Moonfall”, the new film by Stuttgart-born director Roland Emmerich, opened in German cinemas on February 3rd.

Roland Emmerich’s films are mostly based on disaster scenarios. A scenario from Roland Emmerich’s films could soon become reality (BW24* reported). Films like “The Day After Tomorrow” or “Independence Day” are heavily criticized in places, but at least they are based on their own ideas. The director has previously expressed a certain aversion to the Marvel films. He watches them “to be able to fall asleep,” he said in 2019, according to . Acclaimed director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner and Gladiator, among others) also stirred tempers among Marvel and DC fans last year when he said, “Superhero movies suck.”

Roland Emmerich criticizes Marvel and Star Wars, but calls Christopher Nolan a “master”

Stuttgart native Roland Emmerich’s assertion that Star Wars and Marvel movies have dominated the industry for many years is fundamentally correct. The fact that original film ideas are no longer developed due to the dominance, or that original screenplays can therefore not be successful, is greatly exaggerated. For example, references James Cameron’s film Avatar, which is not based on a book or comic and is considered the highest-grossing film of all time. In addition, the Star Wars franchise is also based on an independent idea, even if several books and comics have been created in the meantime.

Given Roland Emmerich’s aversion to superhero films, a statement he made about the director Christopher Nolan is surprising. Nolan is a “master” at making “bold new films.” Although the director has made his own mark on the Hollywood landscape in recent years with films such as “Inception” and “Tenet”, his career has also included very successful superhero films. Christopher Nolan is the director of the “Dark Knight” trilogy and has thus filmed comics from DC.

As expected, Roland Emmerich’s statements about Marvel and Star Wars caused an outcry on Facebook. “Seriously, these are the movies that are keeping the film industry alive right now,” commented one user. “These directors are only whining because their movies aren’t as successful when they get to the big screen,” wrote another. In addition, it annoys many users that Roland Emmerich makes such statements. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a watchable Emmerich movie,” wrote one. “And yes, that also includes Independence Day.” *BW24 is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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