NewsSaharan dust cloud is heading towards Germany

Saharan dust cloud is heading towards Germany

The Sahara dust is not over yet. Weather experts expect a new boost. Blood rain then also hits northern Germany. Where to expect the rare weather phenomenon.

Munich – Sahara dust is causing an unusual weather* spectacle in southern and central Germany. The sky turned yellowish-brown on Tuesday. Like a color filter, the cloud of dust from the desert sand spread particularly intensely over the country this time. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the concentration is unusually high this week.

Sahara dust spreads in Germany – weather phenomenon remains until Friday

The so-called “blood rain” hit many cars and vehicles in Munich on Wednesday morning. A reddish-brown film covers smooth surfaces. Anyone who is annoyed by the dust should wait before cleaning or washing their car. Because on Thursday a new wave of Sahara dust including “blood rain” is announced. The cloud of dust then penetrates as far as northern Germany. This time it also affects Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. Some precipitation then washes out the Sahara dust as blood rain.

Germany weather: is Sahara dust dangerous for health?

However, this time the dust is not only in the upper atmosphere, warns meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather portal . β€œToday, tomorrow and Friday, the dust concentration will also be increased near the ground. Dust particles reach the lower layers and increase fine dust pollution.” Sensitive people could feel this.

According to allergists, the Sahara dust is not directly harmful to allergy sufferers, writes . On the other hand, the individual particles are small with a size of just 0.1 to ten nanometers. But the desert dust in this high concentration could be an additional burden on the currently flying pollen and irritate the respiratory tract. By Thursday, particulate matter pollution would rise to between 50 and sometimes over 100 micrograms per cubic meter, especially in the south and south-east.

However, the air quality is particularly bad in some parts of Spain. Here the concentrations can reach up to 250 micrograms per cubic meter, reports the European earth observation program Copernicus ECMWF. The air quality there is “poor” to “very bad”, as data showed. In the Balearic Islands, the authorities are currently warning of the Sahara dust in the air. Outdoor activities should be restricted. The levels are too high and can be harmful to health.

When will the Sahara dust leave Germany again?

β€œThe situation changes on Friday. The Sahara dust phase will then be over due to a new weather situation,” said a DWD spokesman for the dpa news agency. On Saturday it will be cloudy at times in the east and south as well as in the middle and some rain or individual showers* are to be expected locally, in the mountains even some snow. According to the DWD weather experts, it will remain mostly sunny and dry from Sunday to Wednesday.

Weather in Germany: “Mega-High” builds up to the weekend

A “mega high” is building up over the Baltic Sea, predicts weather expert Jung. The air pressure at the center of the high would be extremely high – up to 1052 hectopascals – explains Jung. In his view, there are many indications that this high should be extremely stable. All in all, March 2022 will probably go into the records*.

Germany weather: Forecast for the next seven days

Wednesday 12 to 22 degrees, warmest on the Rhine, dry, some clouds
Thursday 10 to 17 degrees, some rain in the northwest, otherwise dry and quite nice
Friday 10 to 15 degrees, lots of sun
Saturday 10 to 16 degrees, lots of sun
Sunday 11 to 15 degrees, lots of sun
Monday 10 to 15 degrees, sunny
Tuesday 12 to 17 degrees, sunny
Wednesday 14 to 22 degrees, plenty of sun
Thursday 16 to 22 degrees, lots of sun
Friday 16 to 23 degrees, lots of sunshine

Forecasts for spring 2022*: A clear trend is already emerging in the leading weather models. And now March is almost over. (ml)* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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