NewsSahra Wagenknecht: Vaccination skeptic tested positive for Corona

Sahra Wagenknecht: Vaccination skeptic tested positive for Corona

Sahra Wagenknecht has repeatedly caused discussions because she is skeptical about a corona vaccination. Now she has tested positive herself.

Berlin – The Left MP Sahra Wagenknecht has tested positive for Corona. She confirmed this on Wednesday (January 26, 2022) to the German Press Agency. First, the image had reported on the case. According to her own statements, she has not had any symptoms so far. “I don’t feel anything until now. It’s either still to come, or I’ve already got it behind me,” Wagenknecht told dpa. According to her own statements, she did a PCR test on Tuesday morning because of a planned participation in Sandra Maischberger’s talk show on Wednesday evening, which was supposed to be about compulsory vaccination. “And this morning, I was almost on my way to the airport, the positive result came.”

Wagenknecht, who claims not to have been vaccinated, continued: “Of course I’ve always had respect for getting such a result at some point, and now I just hope that I’m one of those who are lucky and where that is symptom-free or at least mild.”

Sahra Wagenknecht repeatedly criticizes the established vaccines

In the fall, Wagenknecht spoke up in the vaccination debate about Bayern professional Joshua Kimmich and criticized it as “morally charged”. When it comes to vaccination, everyone should decide for themselves. She justified her own decision not to have been vaccinated so far by saying that these were “new vaccinations” compared to the “classic vaccine”. “Now we are being injected with a genetic code. It’s a different process,” said the former parliamentary group leader on the ARD talk show “Anne Will”. She thinks it’s presumptuous to say that you know what that will trigger in five or ten years. There was some sharp criticism from her party.

Wagenknecht later defended her statements in Spiegel: She does not see herself as a corona denier. “I think it’s irresponsible to deny the dangers of Covid-19.” She only points out that the vaccine is new and difficult to assess. Wagenknecht recently criticized the newly introduced restrictions for unvaccinated MPs in the Bundestag. “Not going to the restaurant is still a luxury problem, not being able to be in the plenum anymore, I see it as a real exclusion of people because of their vaccination decision, which cannot be epidemiologically justified,” she said in an interview with Die Welt.

Corona: Sahra Wagenknecht against compulsory vaccination

The 52-year-old rejects the introduction of a general obligation to vaccinate, which was debated in the Bundestag on Wednesday. Wagenknecht told the dpa that you think the reasoning for the fall is quite questionable. “We don’t know what mutations are imminent in the fall. They can be harmless or more dangerous. We don’t know whether the current vaccines work at all or whether if you get vaccinated now you will still have protection in the fall. That’s so many question marks. I don’t think you can decide on an obligation on such a basis. “(dpa / skr)

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