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Samothraki Dance Festival

The Samothraki Dance Festival has ceased operations since this article was written. The following information is for the Samothraki Dance Festival 2005. The dates of the Samothraki Dance Festival 2006 are not yet available, but it was expected to take place in July 2006. However, as of June 2006, no new information was available. . This controversial festival, which is regularly raided by local authorities, has been threatened with cancellation before, but it has always come through. But don’t pay for that plane ticket yet …

There is a Samothraki World Music Festival or Thraki Ethnic Festival scheduled for August 2008, which seems valuable, but it is not the old Samothraki Dance Festival, it is now only on a commemorative DVD.

Samothraki Festival

Access Samothraki if your favorite music is trance dance, ambient, dub, freestyle or world. Featuring forty-five live performances on three stages, plus dozens of top DJs, this seven-year festival is drawing more and more visitors to the island of Samothrace, also called Samothraki.

While the 2005 Samothraki Dance Festival ran from July 21-24, those in the know are looking forward to an “after-festival” party that can add a couple more days to the proceedings.

The 2005 Samothraki Festival lineup included Omar Faruk, Ross Daly, Whirling Dervish Mevlana, Mode Plagal, One drop, Peppe Barra, Lino Cannavacciouolo, Ziad Rajab, Kostas Anastasiadis and the didgidimensiones, M’Barka Bentaleb, Vorei Etairi, Paranaue, Abdullah Chhadeh and Nara, Atiko Minus, the happy dog project, and Mario Pirovano.

Since last minute changes will occur, if you only have to see a specific group scheduled to appear at the Samothraki Dance Festival, check their individual websites or newsletters for updates as cancellations are not always posted.

Samothraki Festival Tickets

In 2005, international ticket orders were processed at the OnLine Stall. Remember that what you actually pay will depend on the conversion rate at the time of purchase or processing by your credit card company. Please note that additional fees may apply for international transactions depending on your card issuer.

Ticket Hellas is processing Greek ticket orders. They are also available in Metropolis music stores throughout Greece.

Here’s a page of photos from the 2003 Samothraki Dance Festival. If the text is not showing, hover your mouse over the page to illuminate it.

Trying to make last minute arrangements? Visit the Samothraki Dance Festival site, especially the chat room and message board. Note: this site is sometimes disabled between events; check it close to the event date.

Please note: Reports of drug use and other issues have inspired local authorities to attack the festival in the past. They did so with particular vigor in 2003.

How to get to the Samothraki Dance Festival:
To get to the Samothraki Dance Festival, sometimes called the Samothrace Dance Festival, most travelers will take a boat from Alexandroupolis on the coast, 29 nautical miles away. Although it is part of the same island group as Lesbos and Chios, it can be very difficult to reach Samothrace from either of them. Your best option is Alexandroupolis, which offers a hydrofoil and other ferries.

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