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Schneider Electric and its commitment to break the gender bias

The appearance of some women in leadership positions may suggest that the gender gap has been reduced; unfortunately it is not so. Labor inequality persists in most industries, despite the fact that it has been shown that achieving equality would have a positive impact on company income.

In the case of the energy industry, bias prevails. According to INEGI data, in 2019 the working population in this sector is made up of a large presence of men (74%).

This inequality can be seen from the academy, where 72.3 percent of the student spaces related to engineering are occupied by men.

Schneider Electric is a company committed to bringing about change. Hence, it has currently implemented various initiatives focused on breaking the glass ceiling.

In this sense, the objectives that the company has set for the year 2025 are:

  • 50% of hires have to be women.
  • 40% of the leadership team must be made up of women.
  • 30% of executive positions must be held by women.

In Mexico, Schneider Electric has worked to get closer to this goal, only last year they managed to have 44% of women hired, the leadership team made up of women was 38.5% and they managed to meet the goal of 30% women in executive positions.

“At Schneider Electric we have many initiatives to promote gender equality; We are increasingly aware that, in order to find this balance, we must define specific actions that readjust the role of women within the sector. It is of the utmost importance that today more than ever we celebrate our successes and promote the integration of the talent of more women in all areas of society,” said Gladis Juárez, vice president of Human Resources for Schneider Electric Mexico and Central America.

In addition, in terms of the salary gap, Schneider Electric has the commitment that, in 2025, the salary difference between employees with the same position will remain in the range of less than one percentage point.

In fact, it is currently implementing the so-called “Global Pay Equity Framework”, with which the company identifies gender pay gaps within comparable groups of employees. In this way, it has ensured that equality is achieved in all its subsidiaries. fairness and greater transparency.

The French-born firm also promotes female representation from new hires to senior leaders, representing Schneider Electric’s ongoing commitment to driving positive change and providing equal opportunities for all.

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