AutoSeat, fire and ice proof

Seat, fire and ice proof

When we buy a new car , we may never have stopped to think about all the work behind it, the number of hours it takes to come up with its design and, subsequently, its construction. In addition, the new models have to pass a large number of tests before being launched on the market, in order to guarantee an excellent level of durability, both for parts and materials. Some of these tests are based on checking the mechanics of the vehicle, but others try to put it to the limit in terms of surface and temperature.

Thus, in climatology tests , the models are tested in different conditions, from extreme heat that can be found in desert areas with the highest possible temperatures to arctic cold. On the other hand, in behavioral tests on different types of terrain, the impact of use on parts and components is analyzed, as well as the vehicle’s responsiveness at all times. In addition, engine and power tests are also carried out, which determine the capacity of the car in both real and simulated situations.

On the other hand, elements such as the seats also suffer the friction of the equivalent of 20,000 entries and exits of the car, with the intention of verifying that each seat is capable of resisting the friction of the human body and does not suffer damage in this type of friction. Also, they take a similar number of times to test their endurance. The doors, for their part, also receive a series of demands, since they are opened and closed about 30,000 times a year, verifying that the noise from the door is dry, short and provides a sensation of tightness.

Finally, the operation of the brakes, suspensions and steering is tested in specialized circuits to test these elements. The specialists check, on land made up of cobblestones and unevenness, that everything works correctly and that each of the elements will withstand the punishment that day-to-day represents.

But today, we want to focus on weather and behavioral tests on different types of surfaces . Seat reveals to us if it is so different to drive 100 degrees apart.

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