AutoSeat MÓ expands its mobility services throughout Spain

Seat MÓ expands its mobility services throughout Spain

Seat MÓ, the company’s business unit dedicated to the development of urban mobility products and services, expands its range of services throughout Spain to generate sustainable trips during the holiday period. After the success of the sharing service in the city of Barcelona, the company is committed to expanding rental services to other municipalities such as Menorca, Mallorca, Valencia, Algeciras and Tarifa.

This expansion has a special stop on the Balearic island of Menorca, where customers will be able to experience Seat MÓ’s complete mobility system, which offers eKickScooters, eScooters, 100% electric cars and even a 100% electric boat rental service, all this through the Seat MÓtosharing App or the Seat MÓ website. About this development plan, Lucas Casasnovas , director of the business unit, points out that “Seat MÓ was born to offer new 100% electric mobility products and services, without noise and without pollution, that are fun to drive, but also affordable and accessible. for everyone. We started in Barcelona with the motosharing service and now we are expanding our vision to the Mediterranean corridor. Users of our products and services can contribute to making trips cleaner and more sustainable during the summer season”.

The full potential of Seat MÓ is being deployed in Menorca, where users of the Seat MÓ App can rent different types of vehicles such as eKickscooters, motorcycles and electric cars and even electric boats , located in the Artiem hotels, one of the main collaborators of the brand on the island. Users will rent the vehicles for days or weeks -whereas in previous Seat MÓ launches customers paid by the minute-, which will allow them to get to know the Balearic island.

Thanks to the collaboration between Seat MÓ and Rebot Yachts, customers in Menorca will be able to rent 100% electric boats in the port of Mahón. The shipbuilder is dedicated to electrifying traditional boats, which will use the same battery system as the MÓ 125 motorcycles. With a range of use of about eight hours, customers will be able to travel along the Menorcan coast without the need for a license.

In addition to the launch in Menorca, Seat MÓ is expanding its urban rental services with the MÓ 125 electric scooter to other Spanish regions and cities. The mobility application will now allow scooters to be rented in Inca and Palma (Mallorca), Valencia, Sitges (Barcelona), Tarifa and Algeciras (Cádiz), which highlights the brand’s commitment to bringing mobility closer clean Spain.

Together with the Avis rental company, Seat MÓ has also launched the first 100% electric Rent-a-bike fleet, with MÓ 125 eScooters already available in Denia, Cartagena and Marbella/Sotogrande.

This expansion during the holiday season will coincide with the start of the brand’s summer campaign, ‘Mediterranean Mojo’, an irreverent story of summer relationships brought together through Seat MÓ products and services and shared on different platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Sustainability is at the heart of the campaign, which was shot in Menorca by The Production Club, a Barcelona-based production company committed to carbon neutrality. With the popular TikToker @emmageikie_, the campaign also has the collaboration of several Menorcan companies and start-ups, recognized for their sustainability.

In addition, Seat MÓ will launch its new website during the first week of August, where all products and services will be integrated into a customer-focused website .

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