NewsSevere flooding on Australia's east coast

Severe flooding on Australia's east coast

Unusual for this time of year: Heavy rain and flooding on Australia’s east coast have already claimed one fatality. Several people are still missing.

One person has died and at least ten others are missing in severe flooding on Australia’s east coast. The states of Queensland and New South Wales with the metropolis Sydney were particularly affected.

The dead man was an elderly woman who drowned in her car on the Sunshine Coast, the portal reported, citing the authorities. Queensland’s Regional Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk spoke of a “tragedy” that was very unusual for the time of year. It is currently summer in Australia.

Residents have been asked to stay at home and stay away from flooded areas. The rescue services worked under sometimes difficult and dangerous conditions. A resident of Cooroy told local media the rain felt like “standing under the roaring Niagara Falls.” Parts of Sydney were also flooded. Meteorologists have not yet given the all-clear: Further storms are expected in the region for the rest of the week, it said. dpa

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