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"Sexualizing a precious moment": Patricia Montero receives again regrettable criticism for uploading a photo breastfeeding her baby

It is not the first time that Patricia Montero has raised a stir by publishing a photo breastfeeding her little daughter Layla, who was born almost a year ago. It seems incredible, and it is unfortunate , that for some people the most natural thing in the world, like feeding your baby, is seen as a provocation .

This time, it was due to a photo published on Sunday giving her daughter breakfast before her yoga class and with raccoon dark circles, according to her (although those are not dark circles for me). A beautiful image that could well be that of any mother who has got up early because her baby asked for the breast very early.


But it did not take long for the comments of the presenter’s haters to arrive who do not welcome her to publish photos feeding her baby from her breasts, which coincidentally have been created for that function:

“Unnecessary photo … Sexualizing a precious moment … Little taste, really. Maybe you require more attention than you have .” “This type of photos are to report and delete it, ” commented some users. “You shouldn’t upload this, uploading a picture of your breasts on Instagram is not good at all.”

There is a very clear false moral in this type of photos. We can see photos in a bikini in which it looks the same, or more than feeding a baby, and nobody says anything. But if it is a breastfeeding mother, people are shocked and talk about sexualization.

Fortunately, negative comments were in the minority. There were also users thanking a public figure to make such a normal and natural scene in the life of a mother visible in this way:

“Thank you for making breastfeeding so visible❤️ something so natural should be out of so much stigmatism! I have given breastfeeding for more than 3 years and I have had to” endure “reproaches or” don’t you think it is too big? “In centers commercials, restaurants and offering to go to the “lactation room” to feed my daughter, which obviously I never did … She always decided where, when and how … So thank you because you do us a lot of good “

But the debate did not end there. There are mothers who do not like too much to have an idealized image of breastfeeding, when it is not a bed of roses, far from it.

“It must be said loud and clear that how many women while breastfeeding are crying from sheer physical and mental exhaustion, that they are on the verge of exhaustion, that they cannot take it anymore but want to continue because they understand that it is the best thing for their children. In some Sometimes it is a suffering, how many and how many moms who do it with all their love but are not so delighted with those dark circles and what it means to have them. In short: it compensates, it is done, but not with a smile from ear to ear. I don’t know if I explained myself. “

Be that as it may, it is important that a public figure who has the possibility of reaching many people, make visible and support breastfeeding in this way. The criticism seems to slip to Patricia Montero, and she does well , because each one lives her breastfeeding in her own way and “if you don’t like it, don’t look”, as Mila Kunis said.

We leave you some other of the beautiful images that he has shared in recent months.





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