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Ship with burning cargo now in the port of Gothenburg

The fire broke out on the ship of a Hamburg shipping company in early December. Attempts to extinguish the fire at sea with water cannons were unsuccessful. It is now anchored in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg – After days at sea with a fire in the cargo, a ship belonging to a Hamburg shipping company has been brought to the port of the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

On Saturday morning, the wood-laden “Almirante Storni” made her own way from the previous anchorage off the west Swedish coast to the Scandia port of Gothenburg, as the Swedish coast guard announced. The freighter was accompanied by tugs, among other things, as recordings from the SVT radio station showed.

The “Almirante Storni” is now on quay 615, where the municipal rescue service has taken responsibility for the further extinguishing work. According to his information, the cargo should now be fetched from the ship so that you can better get to the source of the fire.

Everything went according to plan on Saturday, the coast guard said. “The pictures we got of the police helicopter show, however, that the cargo is still on fire. Now it is a matter of putting out the fire, “Rescue Manager Mattias Heneborn was quoted in a statement from the authorities.

Situation now under control

The fire broke out last Saturday. Since then, several ships had worked continuously with water cannons to put out the fire. According to the shipping company, the bulk carrier, which is around 177 meters long, was on its way to Alexandria in Egypt. The cause of the fire is still unclear. No injuries have been reported so far.

Before the freighter arrived in the port of Gothenburg, a spokesman for the Hamburg shipping company NSC announced on request that all those involved were now focusing on the immediate tasks: securing further hot spots and bringing the ship to a suitable port facility in Gothenburg. The situation is under control. dpa

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