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Slim Domit sees fast and solid economic recovery thanks to vaccination

The Mexican businessman and president of Telmex, Carlos Slim Domit, considered this Tuesday that the economic recovery “looks much faster and stronger today” than what was perceived in December, thanks to a vaccination process whose positive effects are already being appreciated. in countries like the United States and China.

“Very good news” that occurs in a context of pandemic, which brought, among other issues, an “unprecedented international collaboration,” said the businessman at the II International Economic Forum, organized by the Spanish newspaper Expansión.

Slim affirmed that this international collaboration took place particularly in the scientific area, but he advocated continuing along this line, “strengthening it” and extrapolating it to other types of “traditional problems” that exist in society.

The Mexican businessman predicted opportunities and new challenges in companies and organizations after the pandemic, and referred to the technology and telecommunications sector. “Now the great challenge is how to bring (network) coverage to all corners of society,” he said.

He referred to the new opportunities in Latin America, which may arise as a result of the relations between the United States and China, not because of the political discussion, but because the Asian country is beginning to be less competitive in manufacturing and more in the development of products or services. with added value, such as technology.

According to Slim Domit, in this context, medium-term opportunities will emerge in Latin America to attract investment and economic development.

One of the peculiarities of this crisis is that the financial system is healthy, and therefore, the economic deterioration has not been greater, he pointed out.

In addition, he recalled that the COVID-19 crisis occurs in a context in which companies have liquidity thanks to the “large amount of resources available through different investment and pension funds” and also due to the low rates of interest.

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