FunSmart animals: The 5 smartest animals in the world

Smart animals: The 5 smartest animals in the world

In the animal kingdom there are species that have a great capacity to communicate and learn. Here we tell you which are the most intelligent animals in the world: Chimpanzee The chimpanzee is the most similar animal to human beings. He has a very high intellectual development and has an excellent memory. One of its most outstanding characteristics is that it is able to use sign language. Its life expectancy in its natural habitat is 50 years and it is currently in danger of extinction. Elephant Although this is something that many people do not know, the elephant has a great capacity both to memorize and to remember. Within the herd, individuals create highly complex interactions with each other. Throughout history there have been more than 300 species, although at present there are only two left: the African and the Asian. Dolphin Several investigations have confirmed that the dolphin is the animal with the largest brain. This allows you to have a highly developed and sophisticated language. There is a fact about dolphins that is of special interest to know: they are self-aware and very good at solving problems. Today there are 46 different types of dolphins, and they live in all the seas and oceans of the Earth except the Arctic. Orca The orca is one of the most intelligent animals in the world. It can make different sounds to communicate and interact with other killer whales. It is also called the killer whale and its life expectancy is 90 years. Killer whales have very strong social ties: Dog, and finally, the dog. Although there are great differences between some races and others when it comes to intelligence, all dogs can learn new skills easily.They can socialize with humans, and also with other animals. Their most developed sense is smell, and they regulate their body temperature through their pads and their tongues. These are the most intelligent animals in the world. Although the human being is the most intelligent species that exists on Earth, in the animal queen there are also species with highly developed abilities. We have all heard the expression “have an elephant memory” at some time because of the great capacity of these animals to remember.

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