NewsSnow and Slippery: Where Winter Returns to the Weekend

Snow and Slippery: Where Winter Returns to the Weekend

As quickly as the snow came last weekend, it was gone just as quickly – until now. Because the next onset of winter will come at the weekend.

Kassel – From Friday (01/14/2022) it should come, the cold north wind – and it is coming to stay. For Germany, this means that the first isolated snowflakes will fall in the north-east on Friday evening. But that shouldn’t be it yet, because the winter and the weather really pick up speed in the following days. Actually, a very cold and snowy winter was assumed – much colder than the previous one. But that has not happened so far. Rather the opposite happened.

The starting signal for the winter comeback is on Sunday. According to information from The Weather Channel, snowfall will start in the south in the late afternoon. In the north and the middle, precipitation initially falls as sleet or rain. However, during the night and on Monday morning, the snowfall should prevail.

The further one looks to the west of the country, the more likely it is that the snow will turn to rain again. This means that difficult road conditions are to be expected at the beginning of the week. In places it can be very smooth and slippery on the roads. According to information from The Weather Channel, it is not yet possible to say exactly where the smoothness occurs.

Schon im Laufe der Sonntagnacht und am Montagmorgen soll sich der Regen in Schneefall verwandeln. (Symbolbild)


The rain is expected to turn to snowfall as early as Sunday night and Monday morning. (icon picture)

Onset of winter in Germany: Will the snowstorm follow on Monday?

However, one thing is already certain: the snow will be joined by a gusty north wind. And there should also be one or two gusts of wind in the east and at higher altitudes. The weather could turn out to be severe on Monday as a small but intense low pressure area increases snowfall. Severe squalls and blizzard-like conditions are possible.

So there is a risk of a strong onset of winter from Sunday evening. The snow should definitely come. It is not yet certain whether there will be thunderstorms or even a snowstorm.

More weather news* is available on the HNA topic page.

But will the snow stay put? – Yes, but not everywhere. This means that the snow line in Europe is shifting somewhat. The experts from The Weather Channel expect 1 to 5 centimeters of snow in the lowlands, as much as 10 centimeters in the northeast and up to 20 centimeters in the mountains. (Luisa Weckesser)

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