NewsSnow in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

Snow in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

In Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria there was the first snow of the season, in some areas it could even stay. In Austria, the heavy snowfall has already led to considerable disabilities.

Stuttgart / Munich – In Baden-Württemberg it snowed heavier for the first time in this late season on Thursday night.

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the snow line sank to about 1000 meters. In the south of Bavaria, too, there was fresh snow from the Allgäu Alps to the Berchtesgadener Land and in isolated cases in the Bavarian Forest at night. Heavy snowfall led to significant obstructions on the Brenner motorway in Austria.

Especially in the high areas of the Black Forest and on the border with the Allgäu, people could look forward to the first white flakes – or had to push smaller amounts of snow off the sidewalk. According to a DWD spokeswoman, there was 13 centimeters of snow on the 1493-meter-high Feldberg in the morning, and it also snowed lightly in Freudenstadt at around 800 meters. For Bavaria, the DWD spoke of 5 to 10, locally even up to 20 centimeters of fresh snow above 800 to 1000 meters.

The weather service also warned on Thursday of slush and slush on the streets. Anyone who drives with summer tires on the vehicle in black ice, slippery snow, slush, ice or slippery frost, has to expect a fine of 60 euros and one point in the traffic offender register in Flensburg.

The Brenner motorway, the important north-south axis in the direction of Italy, had to be temporarily closed, as the state police headquarters in Innsbruck announced. Above all, there were always truck traffic jams. Goods traffic was only processed in blocks on the German-Austrian border near Kufstein.

In the higher elevations, especially on the northern slopes, the snow can stay for a few days. In the valleys and on the southern slopes, it should melt again quickly, said a spokesman for the DWD. dpa

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