NewsSnow roller over Germany: meteorologist with urgent warning

Snow roller over Germany: meteorologist with urgent warning

The weather in Germany is becoming threatening. A meteorologist warns of heavy snowfall and a blizzard in the next few days.

Kassel – While the first candle is already burning on the Advent wreath, many are in the mood for Christmas. The decoration is taken from the cellar or the attic and the first cookies bake in the oven and spread their sweet scent. But the coming days of Advent could be uncomfortable, because the winter weather * is approaching with fast steps. Just in time for the first winter month, the first snow in Germany is announced in many places *.

One expert not only expects a “snow bomb 2.0”, but also a snow storm. The blizzard could make Christmas shopping much more difficult for many and drivers in particular have to be careful. This dangerous weather threatens Germany in the next few days:

Germany weather: Heavy snowfall and blizzard threaten

After the first delicate flakes around the first Advent, the snow bomb follows. As Dominik Jung reported to, a real “bomb” hit Germany on Tuesday (November 30th, 2021). “It’s really, really exciting,” reports the qualified meteorologist. The European weather model (ECMWF) calculates ten to 20 centimeters of fresh snow. Only the north and west of Germany will have to reckon with dreadful weather.

On Tuesday there was a lot of stormy wind in addition to the heavy snowfall. In the east and south of Germany in particular, it can turn white down to the depths – including heavy snowdrifts. In the storm field on Tuesday, the European weather model predicts “gusts of around 65 to 75 kilometers per hour”, explains Dominik Jung.

date Weather forecast
Monday (29.11.2021) 2 to 5 degrees with snow
Tuesday (11/30/2021) 0 to 6 degrees, snow even in deep areas
Wednesday (01.12.2021) 5 to 10 degrees, the snow line rises to the high altitudes
Thursday (02.12.2021) 4 to 7 degrees, snow falls again at lower altitudes

Snow storm in Germany: meteorologist issues a warning

Snowfall and gusts are a dangerous combination. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), gusts of wind are already spoken of at speeds of 65 kilometers per hour or more. A blizzard occurs when the wind speeds are at least 56.3 kilometers per hour and visibility is severely restricted by snow drifts (less than 400 meters).

Der Schnee ist in Deutschland angekommen.


The snow has arrived in Germany.

Such drifting snow can be a serious hazard, especially for drivers. Most recently, a snow storm in early February 2021 caused traffic chaos in many parts of Germany. Among other things, Kassel had to struggle with snow drifts and blizzards *. Also on Tuesday there can be “massive traffic disruptions”, warns graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung.

Is the uncomfortable weather in Germany at least a harbinger of a white Christmas? In recent years, a green or gray festival has been celebrated instead of a white one. A meteorologist sees good chances and speaks of a snow probability of “an incredible 70 percent”. (slo) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rubric lists: © Boris Roessler / dpa

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