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Soave Travel Guide and Information

Soave is a small wine town in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The city is surrounded by its medieval walls, crowned by a castle and surrounded by vineyards that produce the famous Soave wine.

Soave Location

Soave is 23 km east of Verona, just off the A4 motorway (you can see the castle from the motorway). It is about 100 km west of Venice, in the province of Verona, in the Veneto region.

What to see and do

  • Soave Castle was first mentioned in 934 and is a typical medieval military castle. In front of the castle there is a drawbridge with a gate built in the 15th century. The remains of a 10th century church are within the outer walls. The castle houses a museum with artifacts found during the restoration and you can visit the castle rooms and courtyards where there are frescoes.
  • The medieval walls of Soave were built in the 13th century, surrounding the city and leading to the castle. There were originally three doors. The walls and the main gate of the city are well preserved and there is a moat on both sides of the walls.
  • The Palace of Justice , built in 1375, is an impressive medieval building in the center of the city. Two other medieval buildings in the historic center are the Palazzo Cavalli and the Scaliger Palace with beautiful gardens.
  • The Palazzo del Capitano is an impressive building where many events take place.
  • Churches include the 18th century parish church with 16th century paintings, the 15th century churches of Santa Maria dei Domenicani and San Rocco and the sanctuary of Santa Maria della Bassanella dating from 1098, where there are fine frescoes from the 14th century.
  • Wine tasting is offered at the Cantina di Soave and at various wineries in the area.

Soave Festivals and Events

The main wine festivals are the Medieval White Wine Festival in May, the Music and Wine Festival in June, and the Grape Festival in September. During the summer there is music, art and theater at the Palazzo del Capitano. At Christmas, a gigantic manger scene, Giant Presepio a Soave , is on display at the Palazzo del Capitano from December 20 to mid-January. You can find more information about festivals on the Soave tourism site.

Soave Transportation

Soave is easily accessible by car from the A4 motorway between Milan and Venice. Without a car, the easiest option is to take the train to Verona and then take the bus that goes to San Bonifacio from the Porta Nuova train station in Verona. The bus stops in Soave, near the Roxy Plaza Hotel. There is also a train station in San Bonifacio 4 km away. Buses connect Soave with other cities in Veneto. The nearest airport is Verona, about 25 km away, with some connecting buses. Venice and Brescia are also quite close.

Where to stay and eat

Bed and Breakfast Monte Tondo is a highly rated bed and breakfast in a winery outside the city walls. The 4-star Hotel Roxy Plaza is located just outside the city gate. There are a few other bed and breakfasts and hotels outside the city.

Several cozy, inexpensive trattoria sit along Via Roma (SP39), the main road that runs through the city. Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the other main road in the historic center, also has simple restaurants and some nice shops. When choosing your restaurant in Soave, like anywhere else in Italy, follow the Italians and eat where they eat.


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