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Space Jam: New Legends, the video game: a really short Beat'em Up, but totally faithful to the Looney Tunes style

Maybe, just maybe, Space Jam isn’t the best movie ever. Of course, I recognize that every time I see it I enjoy it like a child. His way of reclaiming the humor and animated flair of Looney Tunes and gradually taking the viewer into a mind-blowing basketball game with Michael Jordan as MVP still strikes me as absurd genius.

I won’t deny that my expectations for the sequel aren’t as high as they should be. It may be a matter of age. However, I await your arrival with some illusion. And if in its day I went to the preview of Space Jam having classes the next day, I just got a little ahead of the arrival of Space Jam: New Legends to the billboards thanks to its official video game. How to resist?

Born from an ideas contest promoted by Microsoft itself in December of last year, Space Jam: New Legends, the video game, is positioned as a Beat’em Up with a blatant classic cut in which we will control Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny and, of course, LeBron James , the new NBA superstar who will share the limelight with the crazy Warner characters.

And, although its promotional nature is quite cheeky, it knows how to channel -in its own way- the true essence of the arcades from which it is inspired in a very palpable way. Above all, two players or more.

Go ahead that Space Jam: New Legends, the video game is not at the height of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Streets of Rage or Double Dragon. Of course, its winks, its animations, its combat system and even its way of embracing the local multiplayer make it a video game that will steal a smile from everyone who left the hard in the arcade. And in the process, it delivers by serving as an appetizer and ambassador for the Looney Tunes’ return to the big screen.

A really short Beat’em Up, but true to Looney Tunes style

Unlike the official game of the first film, published on the original PlayStation, in Space Jam: New Legends , the video game more or less leaves the theme of basketball in the background to dive fully -and without complex- in the classic formula of the me against the neighborhood popularized in arcades. And that, however you look at it, is a success.

As we mentioned, Warner was open to suggestions and proposed to the fans themselves to choose the theme of the official game. The winning idea: a lifelong Beat’em Up , with an artistic and playable style that very intentionally evokes the classics of Capcom, Konami and DataEast , but – and this is key – whose animations are 100% Looney Tunes.

Although, in a way, we have become accustomed to the Final Fight scheme in which one character stands out in speed, another in brute force and the third is more or less balanced, the truth is that in Space Jam: New Legends what really distinguishes Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny and LeBron James, its three selectable protagonists, are the animations of the attacks. A) Yes:

Although Bugs is capable of making lariats like Zangief (or Haggar), he defends himself at all distances and distributes that he is happy with his boxing gloves.

Lola makes use of all kinds of gadgets, utensils and ACME brand inventions (of course), and although she is the smallest of the three, she almost hits just as hard as her peers.

And, unsurprisingly, LeBron James has a repertoire of punches straddling classic beat’em ups and basketball games. It may be the least fun to watch on the go, but it’s the contrast the game needed.

Ahead, almost a dozen levels blatantly inspired by the clichés of arcade games: from the boardwalks and secret laboratories to the not-so-abandoned mines or the much-needed elevator phase. Of course, in all the scenarios we will see several nods to the Warner universe : if we trust the museum we will see the costumes of Pedro and Vilma Flintstones!

Regarding the rest of the Looney Tunes characters, these appear as unlockable cards, so that if we use the Road Runner we will temporarily gain speed, Tweety will give us extra strength or Granny will fill the floor with cakes and trinkets with which to recharge our health bars. Needless to say, the latter is the most interesting, especially if we play alone.

As expected, every certain number of levels the final bosses will wait for us. Four to be exact, if we do not take into account an armored door that we must break down before being smashed by a trap. A couple of members of the Goon Stars and, as a finishing touch to the game, a robotazo piloted by Al G. Rhythm, the villain of the film. A very moderate amount of great enemies that, in a way, illustrates the duration of the game itself.

A fun aperitif for the big game that is best enjoyed with two controls

Without trying too hard, it is possible to complete Space Jam: New Legends, the video game in just over half an hour. Posed like this it might seem very little, but it is worth bearing in mind that the duration of other great references of the classic Beat’em Up such as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs or the mythical Final Fight rarely arrived on time. Unless we had one of the buttons on the cabinet broken, of course.

And although it would be unfair to say that the official video game of Space Jam: New Legends ends in a breath, it also fails to fill as the titles in which it is inspired. Partly, perhaps, because we have unlimited continuations, but also because almost all levels are linear and relatively similar in terms of color and design. Luckily, arcade gameplay knows how to give the set a certain replay value, especially with two or more players.

As in the recent Microsoft Battletoads, Space Jam: New Legends, the game offers the possibility of playing on the same console and on three controllers. And not only that, only when sharing the game the elements related to basketball appear, integrating into the shared fighting style of Bugs, Lola and LeBron.

  • First of all, because there is always a basketball on the screen that we can use as a throwing weapon or as a special jump attack. An attack that, by the way, can be continued by the next player to get the ball.
  • And not only that, using a button we can pass the ball to the rest of the players during combats and attacks or on the fly, so that only by sharing the game the game of Space Jam: New Legends truly achieves the purpose of successfully integrating basketball as a unique element of the game itself.

As in other classic Beat’em Ups , the true madness on screen manifests itself when sharing a game. And it is a pity that there is no online multiplayer system. However, we are given a couple of good excuses to resume the game once completed: in addition to the traditional Boss Rush mode, we will have to play a little more to get all the Looney Tunes cards.

That said, Space Jam: New Legends video game is not a blockbuster, but neither is it a light experience or the typical promotional minigame. In fact, Warner prepared a free pinball of the movie that can be accessed from the official website. The official video game of the film is a short Beat’em Up, yes, but also a complete video game. Which does not mean that, in a blatant way, it is an aperitif of the film.

Space Jam: New Legends the video game can be played completely free of charge from July 15 , on the eve of the film’s arrival in theaters. In it you will not find any surprise or spoiler of the animated and sports festival that will take place on the big screen, but you will find a reunion with a pixelated street fighting formula that triumphed in arcades and that, to be honest, looks great on the Looney Tunes.

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