FunSpain, the place where the mask will least be...

Spain, the place where the mask will least be kept when everyone is vaccinated

The mask is not mandatory outdoors, however, experts specify that it should be worn when we cannot maintain social distance. According to a study, Spain is the place where the mask and social distance will least be kept once it is vaccinated.

Ipsos has carried out a study that specifies the different habits of the countries regarding routines once the population is vaccinated. Will they continue to comply with the health measures against Covid-19? Will they regain their pre-pandemic life?

In conclusion, Italy is the one that has the greatest commitment in the face mask and the maintenance of the safety distance. The Italian population is the one that shows the most commitment in this regard, with 49% stating that they continue to maintain a safe distance and 46% using a mask.

But Spain leads the ranking, being the country that will least maintain social distance (40%) , four points less than Germany (44%); and the second that least declares that they will continue to use the mask (35%), with Germany being the least committed country in this regard (27%).

Desire to resume activities

This study affirms that the Spanish population is situated next to the Italian one among those who affirm that they have more desire to resume various activities in order to enter into a life as normal as possible. At the other extreme would be the United Kingdom and Germany, being the countries least willing to resume their social activity and this related to the vaccine, although they have the complete pattern against Covid-19.

In the case of restaurants, 45% of Spanish citizens affirm that they will feel safe immediately after being vaccinated to go to them, a percentage that rises to 49% in the case of Italy.

And to attend sporting events or concerts, Spain is once again the second most willing country, only after France, with 23% of the population willing to attend these events once they receive the vaccine.

Travel and others

Our country, along with Italy, are the places where they most want to catch a plane but trips within the country are preferred because they offer more security, with 27% of citizens wanting to do so immediately and 29% in the case of Italy .

With the increase in cases in Spain, during the last weeks, it is expected that then there will be a greater awareness on the part of the population. And maybe not the place where the mask will least stay when everyone gets vaccinated. The vaccination rhythm is going well but more and more people are infected, even with the full schedule of the vaccine.


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