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Speeding tickets in St. Paul and Ramsey County

You are driving, and suddenly there is a siren and flashing lights behind you. A police officer stops you and gives you a speeding ticket. What is the best way to deal with speeding tickets and other traffic violations?

Options to pay, fire, or contest a speeding ticket

  • Pay Your Ticket You can pay your fine in Ramsey County Courthouse, by mail, online, or by phone. Paying a fine is equivalent to admitting guilt for the crime. The ticket will go to your driving record, and your insurance costs will likely increase.
  • Ask to continue with the termination case . This option is only available if you have no other moving violations in the last year, and it is the best option if you think you will not have any more in the next year. To request to continue with the termination case, first make sure the summons has been filed. It takes 10 business days to submit the summons. Look up your citation number on the Ramsey County Fine Payment website, or call 651-266-9202 to find out if it has been filed.
    • Once the summons has been filed, you will need to visit one of the Ramsey County court locations and speak with a hearing officer. Bring a photo ID and your speeding ticket. If your driving record is very good or clean, the hearing officer will likely approve the continuation of the dismissal. You will have to pay the fine, plus an extra for court costs, but if you do not receive another moving violation in the next year, this ticket will never appear on your driving record. If you get another ticket in the next year, this and the other will go to your registry.
  • Contest the ticket . If you disagree with the ticket, a hearing officer can hear your case.

Contest for a speeding ticket in St. Paul and Ramsey County

Police officers make mistakes, and there may be extenuating circumstances. What if you have a ticket that you don’t think you deserve? Then you can dispute the ticket.

You will either plead not guilty or plead guilty and offer an explanation . Pleading not guilty is for a situation in which you do not believe you were speeding. For example, do you think the speed recording equipment was faulty?

Pleading guilty and offering an explanation is for a situation where you were speeding but believe you have a good reason for doing so. For example, taking someone to the hospital in an emergency.

First, verify that the subpoena has been filed. It takes 10 business days to present a ticket. You can look up your citation number on the Ramsey County Fine Payment website, or call 651-266-9202 to find out if the ticket has been on file.

Once you have confirmed that the ticket has been presented, appear at one of the Ramsey County court locations. Bring your speeding ticket, a photo ID, and any supporting documentation for your case.

Tell the cashier that you would like to dispute the ticket. You will first speak to a hearing officer. The hearing officer has the power to dismiss your case if he accepts your explanation.

To have the best chance of having your case resolved by the hearing officer, bring any evidence you have with you.

If the hearing officer cannot resolve your case, he or she can set the case for a court hearing.

What can I do if I cannot pay my fine?

Don’t ignore it.The court will add penalties for late payments after 21 days, then additional penalties if the penalty is still not paid within 45 days. After that, the fine will be charged, which may result in your vehicle being impounded or your driver’s license suspended.

You can make special arrangements with the Ramsey County Court to extend the due date or pay your fine in installments. You must do this before the fine expires. To do this, visit one of the Ramsey County Courthouse locations and tell the cashier that you want to arrange to pay your fine. You will need to see a hearing officer to discuss the details and sign an agreement.

  • How to pay a fine: in person, by mail, over the phone or online
  • Ramsey County Courthouse Opening Hours and Hours

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