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Speyer Germany Travel Planning Guide

Speyer is located along the banks of the River Rhine in southwestern Germany, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. Speyer is an hour’s drive south of Frankfurt.

Reasons to visit

The 11th century Imperial Cathedral of Speyer is one of the largest and most important in Germany. Its crypt contains the tombs of eight German emperors and kings, as well as several bishops. Modern heads of state are often brought to the cathedral as a symbol of Germany’s past.

Speyer was also a center for Jewish scholarship in the medieval period. The ritual bath, “mikew”, is one of the most complete in Europe.

For children

The Speyer Technik Museum has a large collection of airplanes, classic cars, locomotives, fire trucks, a German U9 submarine, and a Russian An-22 transport plane that can not only be seen from the outside, but can also be entered and lean out. An on-site hotel and caravan camping is available.

Train station

The Speyer train station is located northwest of the old town, a 10-15 minute walk from the center. Speyer Tourist Office The Tourist Office is located on Speyer’s main pedestrian street, Maximilianstrabe. The phone number is 0 62 32-14 23 92. To fully understand the symbolism in the cathedral, be sure to pick up a copy of the free brochure “The Imperial Cathedral of Speyer”.

Speyer is about 3 1/2 hours from Munich by train and a little over two hours from Cologne.

Day trips

To the west of Speyer is the city of Neustadt and the southern wine route, which is accessed via the B39 route. Neustadt itself has a bit more charm than Speyer and is worth half a day to snoop around. To the south of Neustadt are small wine towns like St. Martin and Edenkoben, villages full of charm and wine tasting. Many of the same wine varieties found in France’s Alsace region to the south are found here at a fraction of the price. To the west of this wine country is the Naturpark Pfalzerwald, a wooded area dotted with hiking trails.

Karlsruhe, gateway to the Black Forest and a popular stop for Rhine river cruises, is just to the south.

Where to stay

The favorite place for the crowd is the Hotel Am Wartturm. It has a restaurant and free Wi-Fi.

Other Speyer attractions

In addition to the cathedral, the Jewish ritual bath and synagogue ruins, and the Technik museum, the visitor will want to see many of the smaller churches, the baroque town hall (Rathous), the Palatinate Historical Museum (Historisches Museum der Pfalz) , the aquarium, the archaeological showcase and the monument to Sophie la Roche, the publisher of the first magazine for women. The main gate of the city (13th century) can be climbed to have a view of the old town of Speyer and the cathedral; It is one of the highest in Germany.

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