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Sports car driver brazenly uses the "parking lot" at Edeka – ignorance makes Twitter users angry

When shopping, many supermarket customers use the generous parking space in front of the branches. In Hesse, however, a motorist is particularly inconsiderate.

Kassel – Going to the supermarket is part of the daily routine for many German citizens. This can be particularly stressful in the time before Christmas or other public holidays. In many places, full aisles and checkouts as well as shelves that have been sold out are draining the nerves of consumers.

At the large supermarket chains such as Aldi *, Lidl * or Rewe *, there are plenty of parking spaces available in front of most branches. Every customer can park his car here without any problems and then go shopping in peace. Even at Edeka * there is usually no shortage of parking spaces for customers. But in front of a branch in Hesse, a car driver was not satisfied with the parking space available – and drove extremely boldly to his own “parking lot”.

In front of the Edeka branch: Mercedes driver takes the “parking lot” right in front of the entrance

On Twitter, a user documented the case with a “proof photo” and wrote: “Edeka drive in?” The photo posted shows a white Mercedes car. The car has souped-up rims and darkened windows and looks more sporty.

Experience has shown that it is mostly young people who drive similar models – the chance that the Mercedes owner has a poor footing and therefore drove so close to the entrance of the Edeka supermarket is rather slim.

“Wild-Parker” in front of Edeka: Twitter users are annoyed by “ignoramuses” in the sports car

Nevertheless, the driver parked his vehicle just a few meters from the front door. Since the taillights are still on, he may still be sitting in the car when the picture was taken. For customers who leave the supermarket again, the car stands in the way. Older people in particular, with a walking aid, for example, have to walk around the Mercedes.

For the Twitter user who posted the photo, an absurdity: “Am I the only one who feels annoyed or disturbed by such ignoramuses?” He is not alone in his opinion. “Nope. I am completely with you “, commented another user.

It remained unclear whether the reckless behavior of the sports car driver had consequences for him. Meanwhile, a customer made a disgusting find in another Edeka branch *. (kh) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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