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Stabbed after a dispute – sentenced for almost five years in prison

It remains uncertain whether wearing the mask contributed to the escalation of the dispute. But for a “completely senseless crime” the perpetrator has to be behind bars for several years.

Hamburg – In a process involving knife wounds after an escalated dispute, the Hamburg district court sentenced the defendant to a total imprisonment of four years and ten months on Thursday.

The 27-year-old was guilty of attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily harm, said the presiding judge Matthias Steinmann. “A completely senseless crime.” The verdict is not yet final.

According to the conviction of the court, the German drunk and drunk approached the later victim at the transporter near the Legienstrasse subway station. According to the indictment, he spoke to the driver to scorch a cigarette. He got so close that the driver asked him to keep his distance and put on mouth and nose protection. Whether the request for the mask was really what triggered the defendant’s anger remains only a very vague guess, said the judge. “You have never been a mask refuser.” That was the result of the negotiation.

The defendant knocked the door of the van twice against the driver’s foot – the driver then resisted. There was a fight. In the end, the defendant stabbed with a jackknife – in front of the victim’s family.

The defendant had testified at the trial that he had a film tear and could not say anything about the crime. He apologized several times to the victim. With the judgment, the court followed the prosecution’s request. The defense had requested a suspended sentence for dangerous bodily harm. dpa

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