AutoStellantis pumps millions into its Spanish factories

Stellantis pumps millions into its Spanish factories

Electrification is one of the great priorities of Stellantis. In fact, it is the only manufacturer that produces 100% electric cars in all its Spanish plants, located in Zaragoza, Vigo and Madrid. Currently, it produces 9 100% electric models in Spain and the mobility decarbonization process undertaken by the European Union will make these versions gain more and more weight in production. And before this moment of crucial transformation, Stellantis is mobilized, together with a great team of industrial and technological partners, to promote its production of ‘zero emission’ cars in our country, assuming its commitments in terms of circular economy, recyclability of products and process sustainability.

The main axes of this initiative are part of the two tractor projects led by Stellantis and presented to the PERTE of the Electric and Connected Vehicle convened by the Government of Spain: the TESIS Project (Transformation towards Electromobility and Industrial Sustainability of Stellantis), headed by the Zaragoza Plant, which will involve an investment of 223 million euros, and the ARIES Project (Recyclable, Intelligent, Electric and Sustainable Automotive), backed by the Production Centers of Vigo and Madrid, associated with investments worth 43 million euros. euros.

Thanks to these two projects, Spain will gain in competitiveness in the automotive sector through the development of its own technology in products and processes, which will ensure maximum sustainability and energy efficiency, promote industrial digitization and form a common base of capacity for that can be accessed by all associated companies and entities.

Specifically, the TESIS Project, which brings together Stellantis Zaragoza with 23 technological and industrial partners located in 6 autonomous communities (46% of them Aragonese companies), is divided into a total of 41 primary projects and focuses on the development of technologies that make it possible to manufacture new models with electric versions in the plant from 2023, ensuring sustainable and efficient industrial processes in terms of energy consumption. All this conditional on the granting of aid. 88% of the companies adhering to this project are SMEs.

With the Stellantis Production Centers in Vigo and Madrid as key points, the ARIES Project is divided into 26 primary projects that must be executed before the end of 2025, six of them led by the Group, such as the promotion of the new generation of vehicles that are assembled in two factories, the implementation of a new Battery Workshop in Vigo, the reuse of industrial water or the reduction of energy consumption. 25 entities participate in this initiative, 17 of them located in Galicia. 72% of the companies adhering to this project are SMEs, which assume 40% of the budget and opt for 55% of the aid requested. And of the entities participating in the ARIES project, 9 are research organizations and providers of technology and knowledge.

Stellantis is an industrial leader in the Spanish automotive sector. Its three Stellantis factories in Spain (Madrid, Vigo and Zaragoza), have produced a total of 895,276 units at the end of 2021, corresponding to 14 different models, which is equivalent to 42.7% of the vehicles manufactured in our country. 89% of them are destined for export.

Electrification is one of the great priorities of Stellantis in the coming years. Currently, it is the only manufacturer that produces 100% electric passenger cars in all its Spanish plants: the Citroën ë-C4 in the Center of Madrid, the Opel Corsa-e in the Zaragoza plant and the Peugeot e-2008, together with the commercial and versatile Peugeot e-Partner/e-Rifter, Citroën ë-Berlingo/ë-Berlingo VAN and Opel Combo-e Life/Combo-e Cargo, in the Vigo Center.

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