AutoStellantis Zaragoza's plan to cover 80% of its electricity...

Stellantis Zaragoza's plan to cover 80% of its electricity needs

Achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2038 is a priority objective for Stellantis, included in its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. To help achieve this, Stellantis Zaragoza has implemented a 360º approach that encompasses all aspects of its activity. The main lines of work to achieve this goal focus on optimizing and reducing the energy consumption of the factory, promoting the use of renewable energies and carrying out the electrification of the processes that are currently based on gas.

The energy consumed is a key element to achieve the decarbonisation of the plant. For this reason, after the success of the first phase of its electricity self-consumption project, inaugurated in June 2021 and which covers 15% of the plant’s electricity demand, Stellantis Zaragoza has launched a new phase, which involves the installation of new photovoltaic modules and two wind turbines.

The new facility, located in the southern part of the plant, involves 15,600 new photovoltaic modules and covers an area of 76,000 m2, with an installed capacity of 8.01 MW. These figures, added to those of the first phase, represent 163,000 m2 (equivalent to 23 football fields) covered by 34,800 solar panels, with which the production center has the capacity to generate 16.65 MW of photovoltaic energy. Thus, almost a third of the energy consumed each year by the factory will come from this clean and renewable source. In total, the equivalent of 4,216 t of CO2 is no longer emitted into the atmosphere, approximately the sum of the vegetation of two green lungs of the Aragonese capital: the José Antonio Labordeta Park and the Pinares de Venecia.

The next step, scheduled for the end of this year , will be the installation of photovoltaic panels in the northern area, with a production capacity of 14.15 MW.

In 2023, the wind turbines will start up. They will be installed in two phases : in the first, scheduled for June, two 5.7 MW capacity windmills will be located in the southern area, to be completed with another two 7 MW windmills to the northwest of the factory, which will come into service in December of next year. Making the most of the 1,800 equivalent hours of sunshine and the 3,500 hours of wind per year at its facilities, a total of a maximum of 30.8 MW of electricity will be produced from solar sources and 25.4 MW from wind sources, figures that will represent approximately 80% of the electrical energy consumption of Stellantis Zaragoza, in 2024.

This project for self-consumption of electricity at the plant, developed in collaboration with Prosolia Energy, contributes to the commitment of the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 plan, announced by CEO Carlos Tavares last March, to lead decarbonization in the automobile industry, reaching zero net carbon emissions in 2038, with a 50% reduction in 2030 and thus contribute to a sustainable future.

The Zaragoza plant is certified according to the demanding ISO 14001 (since 1999) and ISO 50001 (since 2012) standards and maintains its ‘Green Factory’ sustainable efficiency model. It is a ‘zero landfill’ plant, which has been EMAS certified for more than 20 years and has received numerous awards for its environmental management.

“Stlantis Zaragoza’s commitment to the environment covers all aspects of its daily life, from energy consumption to the recovery of waste and materials or air quality control, without forgetting the training and awareness of people that work in its facilities. With the launch of this ambitious plan for the installation of photovoltaic and wind infrastructures, we deepen the sustainability of our activities, gaining in energy autonomy. With this new step, we gain in sustainability and competitiveness”, has declared Manuel Munárriz , director of Stellantis Zaragoza.

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