NewsStorm in Germany: chaos after heavy rain

Storm in Germany: chaos after heavy rain

Heavy rain and squalls cause severe damage in many regions of Germany.

Munich / Frankfurt am Main / Bochum – Severe storms and particularly heavy rains have caused chaos in many parts of Germany. In Frankfurt alone, more than 600 fire brigade operations were reported within two hours on Tuesday evening (June 29, 2021), the fire brigade announced in the late evening.

Storm in Germany: traffic comes to a standstill

Rainfalls with precipitation of up to 45 liters / sqm in a very short time would have led to full basements and garages, flooded underpasses and passageways. The rain also flooded the roadways. Accordingly, manhole covers were pushed up in many places and traffic was restricted. Buses and trains have also come to a standstill in some parts of the city.

Tiefschwarze Gewitterwolken verdunkeln den Himmel über der Frankfurter Innenstadt.


Deep black thunderclouds darken the sky over downtown Frankfurt.

Heavy storms also affected rail traffic in Bavaria on Tuesday. In Landshut, parts of the city had water in the streets and torrents came down; Trees fell and cellars overflowed. More than 600 emergency calls were received by the Landshut fire brigade, as a spokesman for the integrated control center said on Tuesday evening. There were initially no reports of injured people from all over Bavaria.

Storm in Germany during the European Championship game against England

Shortly before the start of the European Championship soccer match between Germany and England, thick clouds with heavy rain, lightning and thunder had moved over the city, according to a police spokesman. Torrents formed on the streets, cars were washed away, water gushed out of the manhole covers, which the sewer system could no longer absorb. Numerous trees fell, cellars overflowed, the water damaged power boxes and oil tanks, as Mirko Olzem from the integrated control center said. According to initial findings, no one was injured. “That was a storm that only happens every five to ten years,” he added.

On Wednesday morning (June 30th, 2021) a spokeswoman for the German Weather Service (DWD) confirmed that the heavy rain in particular had hit some regions of Germany heavily. About 30 liters of precipitation per hour were occasionally pounded onto the streets. Initially, the storms had hit Bavaria, but moved north in the early morning hours of Wednesday.

Heavy rain: In NRW the water was up to the cellar ceiling

The North Rhine-Westphalian city of Bochum is also affected. According to the fire brigade, it rained so heavily from Tuesday evening that the water was up to the ceiling in some cellars.

The heavy rain also led to cellars, streets and underground garages being flooded in Krefeld, as the fire brigade announced on Wednesday morning. A person there also suffered a broken bone due to a fall due to the mass of water. By 2 a.m., more than 2000 calls had been received in the control center of the Krefeld fire brigade, including more than 800 emergency calls. Callers reported that their vehicles had got stuck in flooded underpasses, but also on the open road in the masses of water. They had not been able to free themselves from the vehicles on their own. (ktho / dpa)

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