NewsStorm in Germany: heavy rain hotspots - DWD warns

Storm in Germany: heavy rain hotspots – DWD warns

At the weekend storms sweep over Germany again. Deep “Dirk” threatens severe thunderstorms and occasionally also floods from heavy rain.

Update from Friday, July 23rd, 2021, 3 p.m.: New storms are moving to Germany. Numerous experts expect heavy rain and thunderstorms in several regions at the weekend. As already reported (see first report), according to the German Weather Service, a high called “Dana” is moving to Germany, which is to be replaced by low “Dirk” on Saturday.

The Eifel has already been mentioned as the focus of the storms. Now the DWD is also warning for North Rhine-Westphalia: In several districts of North Rhine-Westphalia, high amounts of precipitation are expected, with up to 40 liters per square meter. “A precise localization of the focal points will – if at all – only be possible at very short notice,” the DWD announced.

Am Wochenende bringt Tief Dirk bereits die nächsten Gewitter nach Deutschland. Örtlich drohen auch Unwetter mit Starkregen. (Symbolbild)


At the weekend, Tief Dirk will bring the next thunderstorms to Germany. There is also a local threat of storms with heavy rain. (Symbol image)

Storms move to Germany

First report from Wednesday, July 21st, 2021, 4.30 p.m .: Frankfurt – Even if the weather in Germany has been friendlier for a few days, the devastating traces that Low Bernd left in many regions of West Germany in the past week are far from gone. Now weather forecasts show that the next storms are already moving to Germany.

The German Weather Service in Offenbach believes strong thunderstorms with heavy rain at the weekend are again possible – among other things, again in the flood regions. It was still too early for an exact classification of the main areas of precipitation, it was said on Wednesday (July 21, 2021). “But especially the German model chain, with all the uncertainties in the Eifel, is again indicating heavy heavy rain.”

Storms in Germany: The risk of thunderstorms increases after warm days

The weather in Germany will remain calm until Friday (23.07.2021). According to the experts, a high with the focus on Great Britain determines the weather in Germany. High “Dana” can first dissolve the clouds and give the sun free rein. This means that there are summer temperatures that can even rise above 30 degrees in some regions.

In the Upper Rhine and in the east as well as in the south-east there are even one or two hot days ahead of the week. The high is not strong enough to block upcoming lows. It has to leave its place and move on to Eastern Europe. This increases the risk of storms again.

Warning of thunderstorms and thunderstorms: Up to 40 liters of rain per hour

Already on Saturday (July 24th, 2021) Tief Dirk pushes very moist and warm air into the country again – followed by a thunderstorm line. Accordingly, the thunderstorms with severe weather potential from France first move over West Germany and then on to the east of the country. According to the DWD, 15 to 25 liters of rain per square meter are “likely” on Saturday, 25 to 40 liters “quite possible and larger quantities cannot be ruled out”.

Graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather service Q.met warns that the earth is still very soft, especially in the regions in Germany that have been badly hit by the floods, which could also encourage further landslides.

Tief Dirk: Warning of severe weather with heavy rain, hail and squalls

If 40 liters of rain fall per square meter within an hour, the German Weather Service warns of “extreme storms”. According to the data of the weekly forecast for weather hazards at the DWD, the risk of storms at the weekend is not widespread, but is nevertheless to be taken seriously. The west and south are affected first. After that, the weather change can also be felt in the north and east.

In addition to the heavy rain, there could also be greater hail and heavy squalls with up to 100 kilometers per hour. “However, since we are on the eastern flank of the center, cooler and sometimes more humid North Sea air can seep into the northern half,” said Lars Kirchhübel from the DWD’s weather forecast center. “Accordingly, a friendly sun-cloud mix can often be observed there, which rarely brings a shower.”

Storm warning of Tief Dirk: focus possible again in the Eifel

Current forecasts see the major storms in the Black Forest, Hunsrück and the Eifel. The weather experts agree, however, that this time there will be no area-wide, persistent storm, like last Wednesday (July 14th, 2021). Meteorologist Jan Schenk from The Weather Channel explains that, in contrast to the flood disaster, the low pressure area “Dirk” will continuously sweep across Germany and not settle over individual regions.

According to the forecasts, the greatest risk of storms will pass on Saturday evening. But even on Sunday night, according to the DWD, dense clouds with shower-like rain also form in the north, east and south-east. During the night and also on Sunday there can be strong thunderstorms with heavy rain. In the west and southwest, the rains will then decrease again.

The experts warn to take the warnings seriously and be prepared for the storm potential of the coming days. Nevertheless, the storm situation cannot be compared with the flood disaster last week. (iwe / tu)

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