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Storm in the USA: Millions of people threatened by flooding

Heavy snowfall and squalls – The Nor’easter storm could have fatal consequences in the USA. Floods are also possible. Some regions are particularly affected.

Boston – A severe storm is brewing on the east coast of the USA*. According to CNN, weather warnings have been in effect in many states in the New England region since Saturday (01/29/2022). Some governors called for people to stay at home if possible. Because the so-called Nor’easter storm could cause heavy snowstorms and floods.

Snowfall of up to 30 centimeters is expected, according to the US weather service NWS. In addition, there are gusts of wind with a strength of up to 56 kilometers per hour, which whirl up the snow. It will therefore hardly be possible for the people in the affected regions to get from A to B. “The strong to dangerous winds will lead to isolated power failures,” warns the weather service.

Storm in the USA: gusts of wind over 100 kilometers per hour expected

The situation is likely to be particularly explosive in eastern Massachusetts, including Boston. Wind gusts of over 100 kilometers per hour and up to 60 centimeters of new snow can be expected there. “This is likely to be an intense, dangerous storm,” said Boston Mayor Michelle Wu. In order to prevent serious accidents, the Department of Transportation in Massachusetts issued a driving ban for trucks for the entire Saturday (01/29/2022).

  • Official State of Emergency:
  • Massachusetts
  • new York
  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Virginia

The situation in Rhode Island is similar. Governor Daniel McKee declared a state of emergency – a complete travel ban has been in effect since 8 a.m. It’s supposed to last until 8 p.m. The governors of New York and New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia also declared states of emergency. Train service is paralyzed due to the heavy snowfall for several lines between Washington, DC and Boston and the regional service between Boston and New York. In addition, thousands of flights have been canceled – the current weather conditions are too dangerous.

Storm in the US: Whether there will actually be flooding depends on the timing

Due to the strong gusts of wind, flooding must also be expected in the coastal regions. However, this depends on when exactly the storm hits. The Nor’easter storm (northeast storm) is a regularly occurring large-scale storm with winds from the northeast. The northeastern United States and parts of Canada are usually affected. In recent years, the Nor’easter has repeatedly caused extreme weather – this was particularly severe in 2014: Within a short time, the temperatures dropped enormously and there was heavy snowfall.

As early as December, many regions in the USA were hit by a cold wave*. States of emergency have even been declared in Oregon and Seattle due to freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. A new cold record was set in Bellingham. (tt) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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