NewsStorm series in Germany: "Zeynep" claims several lives -...

Storm series in Germany: "Zeynep" claims several lives – experts compare him to "Kyrill"

The weather in Germany only calms down on Tuesday, because the next storm is approaching. “Zeynep” left a lot of damage. The news ticker.

  • Fire brigades and THW are in continuous operation after the hurricane “Zeynep”.
  • Weather conditions remain critical: storm “Antonia” is approaching (first report) .
  • Now there is a first damage balance from storm “Zeynep” (update from February 20, 8:13 a.m.) .
  • This news ticker on the weather in Germany* is updated regularly.

Update from February 20, 8:13 a.m .: At least three people lost their lives in Germany because of “Zeynep”. According to an initial estimate, the storm caused insured damage of more than 900 million euros in Germany. At the start of the weekend, “Zeynep” caused a storm surge in the north, rail traffic disruptions and accidents on the roads.

The storm was the most intense since “Kyrill” in 2007, said management consultancy Meyerthole Siems Kohlruss (MSK), which specializes in actuarial mathematics. The company had estimated the insured damage from the previous storm “Ylenia” at 500 million euros. The overall damage caused by storms is generally higher, sometimes quite significantly.

Umgestürzte Bäume am Nienstedter Pass in Niedersachsen nach Sturmtief Zeynep im Februar 2022.


The hurricane “Zeynep”, for example, left a trail of devastation on the Nienstedter Pass (Lower Saxony).

Storm series continues: Now comes deep “Antonia”

First report from February 19 : Offenbach – Even if hurricane low “Zeynep” has left, the weather situation remains problematic. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the reason for this is the storm “Antonia”, the foothills of which can already be felt on Sunday. This low not only ensures strong winds, but also brings a lot of rain. With highs between 7 and 13 degrees, it is still very mild.

Weather in Germany: Storm depression “Antonia” brings rain, snow and storm

On Sunday night, the rain will turn to snow above 400 to 600 meters. According to the DWD, on Sunday there will initially be strong to stormy gusts* in the lowlands during the day. Especially in the middle and in the south as well as on the North Sea. Sometimes it should rain longer. Especially in the congested areas of the low mountain ranges, there can be constant rain. Partly short thunderstorms in the west and northwest in the evening.

Sturmtief Zeynep · Insel Rügen


Waves break on the beach at Altefaehr on the island of Rügen. The silhouette of the Hanseatic city of Stralsund can be seen in the background.

Continuous rain: In these regions, a lot comes from the sky

  • In the Bergisches Land, Rothaargebirge and Harz mountains up to 60 liters per square meter
  • in the north-western lowlands and in the northern, western and central low mountain ranges, precipitation totals between 30 and 50 liters per square meter

Weather in Germany: New storm threatens on Monday night

“It could get really turbulent and sometimes dangerous on Monday night,” said DWD weather expert Adrian Leyser about storm “Antonia”. Heavy gusts of wind or even hurricane-force gusts cannot be ruled out.

“The trees, which were already affected by the previous storms and are standing in partially heavily softened soil, can easily fall over,” warns Leyser.

Weather in Germany – forecast for Tuesday

The weather will only calm down on Tuesday. According to the information, the precipitation * will subside on the night of Tuesday and the wind will also decrease. (dpa/ml) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

List of rubrics: © Rainer Droese/Imago

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