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"Sudden increase in the number of cases": Shortly before the Corona summit, the RKI changes its risk assessment for vaccinated people

Shortly before the holidays, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) warns. The new virus variant Omikron seems more dangerous and contagious – even for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered.

Update from December 21, 12:59 p.m.: The RKI has just published a new recommendation on Twitter regarding possible contact restrictions to contain the corona virus. Among other things, “maximum contact restrictions” are required, which should apply from now until mid-January.

First report from December 21, 10 a.m .: Berlin – The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is changing the risk assessment of the Coronavirus variant Omikron. For people who have been vaccinated twice and those who have recovered, the RKI classifies the risk of infection from “moderate” to “high”. In a tweet, the institute announces: “The number of cases can suddenly increase and the supply is overloaded quickly.” For those who have not been vaccinated, the risk of infection remains “very high”. People with a booster vaccination are less at risk. Here the institute speaks of a “moderate” risk. The scientists’ changed assessment may also have an impact on the afternoon’s discussions on further federal and state measures.

Before the Corona summit: RKI describes the situation as “very worrying”

The RKI assesses the current situation as “very worrying”. The main reason for this is the “rapid spread of the omicron variant, which according to the current state of knowledge (from other countries) is spreading significantly faster and more effectively than the previous virus variants”. In order to get the situation under control, federal and state leaders are today discussing the implementation of more stringent measures. In focus: contact restrictions – also for vaccinated and convalescent people. A resolution proposed by the federal states speaks of an upper limit of ten people who are also allowed to meet vaccinated and convalescent people. In addition, sports, cultural and dance events are to be severely restricted.

Corona summit: Demand for mandatory vaccinations and emergency plans for critical infrastructure

Bavaria’s Minister of Health, Klaus Holetschek (CSU), does not want to rule out anything in view of the tense situation due to the Omikron virus variant: “You have to keep everything open for the future,” Holetschek told Deutschlandfunk . And Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) is also thinking of a measure that goes beyond the contact restrictions: compulsory vaccination. Söder demands: “We urgently need a quick signal that vaccination is mandatory”.

Britta Haßelmann, Greens parliamentary leader, directs the focus on maintaining the critical infrastructure in the corona pandemic. It is particularly about the risk of staff shortages in hospitals, the police and the fire brigade, says Haßelmann of the Rheinische Post. In order to avoid this, she calls for the further development of emergency plans.

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