NewsSummer comes on Sunday

Summer comes on Sunday

The shivering will soon end: Sunday could be a summer’s day with temperatures of up to 30 degrees on the Upper Rhine.

Offenbach (dpa) – The cool and rainy weather has at least an end at the weekend. For Mother’s Day on Sunday, a summer day is expected in large parts of the country – the meteorologists define this from temperatures of 25 degrees. According to the forecasts of the German Weather Service (DWD), widespread maximum values between 25 and 28 degrees are reached, on the Upper Rhine it can even be 30 degrees locally. Only on the coasts and in the far north does it stay cooler. In addition, the sun usually shines.

Until then, however, it will remain uncomfortable, as the DWD announced on Thursday. On Friday sunshine alternates with showers and the occasional lightning and thunder. More rain is expected, especially in the north. The wind blows gusty, especially with showers. The temperatures remain at a very cool 8 to 15 degrees.

The weather situation then changes on Saturday: “Because an extensive low over Great Britain taps warm Mediterranean air that comes to us in Germany with a southerly current,” explain the meteorologists. In the northwest half, however, there is a rainy area. Otherwise the clouds loosen up from the south. On the Upper Rhine, temperatures are already climbing to over 20 degrees, in the other regions they are meanwhile 10 to 17 degrees.

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