NewsSurvey on compulsory corona vaccination with surprising results

Survey on compulsory corona vaccination with surprising results

A vaccination requirement is controversial in the fight against Corona. A new survey comes to a surprising result.

Frankfurt – Due to the drastically increasing number of corona cases in Germany *, various measures are currently being discussed to counteract the pandemic. In addition to an expanded 2G rule and the reintroduction of the free citizen tests, there is also a compulsory vaccination in the room. A survey by the Yougov opinion research institute on behalf of the German Press Agency (dpa) captured the mood in Germany on the controversial topic. The result: Many Germans are in favor of stricter action than most politicians.

Just recently, the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder * said in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung that the German Ethics Council should make suggestions “whether and for which groups a compulsory vaccination would be conceivable”. When people talk about groups for whom mandatory immunization is conceivable, they usually refer to nursing staff and teachers. The chairperson of the Federal Parents’ Council also called for teachers to be vaccinated *, which is “legally stipulated across the country”. Such an approach is also well received in the most recent survey.

Two thirds of Germans for corona vaccination

More than two thirds of the respondents (68 percent) stated that they advocate at least one Corona * vaccination for certain occupational groups. 44 percent of them even spoke out in favor of obliging all people to immunize against the coronavirus. Only 27 percent of the participants stated that they are generally against compulsory vaccination.

The results show a clear change of attitude in Germany. In an earlier survey on behalf of the dpa, 56 percent were against a general vaccination requirement, while only 33 percent of those questioned were in favor. This sentiment came about a few days after the first vaccination against Corona on December 26, 2020, although no vaccination obligation for certain professional groups was asked at this time.

Compulsory vaccination in Germany: Corona measure popular with traffic light voters

Those in favor of a general compulsory vaccination are least represented among AfD * voters (31 percent). CDU * voters, on the other hand, think the most of such a project with an approval rate of 56 percent. The idea of a mandatory corona vaccination is also very popular with the voters of the likely next government, i.e. those of the SPD, FDP and the Greens.

SPD * voters come to 54 percent, those of the FDP * to 52 percent and the voters of the Greens * to 44 percent. In the new Corona draft law by the traffic light parties, however, there is no mention of a mandatory vaccination. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), at least 67.3 percent of Germans who are eligible for vaccination are now fully vaccinated. (vbu / dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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