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Suzuki Jimny: You are big, small – Four Jimny generations with the common DNA of pure 4x4s

Versatility was the basis for creating, forty-eight years ago, a mini car capable of rolling on complex tracks and places unthinkable in the past. In addition, the first generation Jimny performed well on the road. Under these parameters, the Lj10 was born in 1970: a pioneer in this segment of Japanese mini-cars that caused a logical revolution in the 4×4 market, which at that time only had large, high-displacement cars.

Well, only half a century later, Suzuki returns to supply a long-awaited demand with the tools that only give the experience and the accumulation of technologies of each of the previous generations to achieve without a doubt the best Jinmy to date. This generation embodies the spirit of its previous versions, maintaining the ability to be, without a doubt, the smallest and most efficient 4×4 on the market. The retro design gives it a very modern look that unifies simplicity, functional beauty and 4×4 technology: a temptation for the purest 4×4 enthusiasts as well as for urbanites.

And since everything in life has a previous moment, I will tell you quickly what happened before reaching this moment. After the birth of the Lj10 in 1970 and with the increase in demand, in just two years the Lj20 was born, which includes – due to the high demand from regions with significant snowfalls – a water-cooled engine. A van version was also added and the recognizable front grille with vertical vents appeared for the first time. In 1974 the LJ50 was born, with a 550cc three-cylinder two-stroke engine, which gave it more power. This model crosses the border for the first time and reaches the markets of Central and South America, the Middle East and Oceania. Lastly, the Lj80 was launched on the market in 1977. Suzuki develops on this occasion a larger displacement engine optimizing its performance in the global market. And with this model the first generation concludes, being sold in 109 countries.

The second generation was framed from 1981 to 1998. A completely complete renovation that arises at a time of great popularity for 4x4s in Europe and North America. Without losing sight of this great possibility, Suzuki creates the so-called Sj410. This new Jimny is committed to a stylish aesthetic capable of capturing men and women and that is intended for more urban and family uses. True to its off-road heritage, it rode the leaf spring suspension inherited from its predecessors and increased the angles of attack and departure. Under its renewed bodywork was housed a new 1000cc four-cylinder four-stroke engine that generated 45CV. With its great strength and powerful torque, it demonstrated its high performance both on-road and off-road, which contributed to the expansion of the 4×4 driving market in leisure environments.

In this same generation, the Sj413 was born in 1984, which seeks to compete in the global market. From this second generation, variants such as the versions with a canvas roof, the long wheelbase models, and the pick-up were released , which were introduced in some markets where there was demand. It was also manufactured in various countries such as Japan, Spain and India and had a wide variety of names such as Samurai, Caribian and Sierra in different countries and regions of the world.

The third generation arrives in 1998 and remains until the arrival of the one we are testing these days. Without losing its off-road character, it takes a step forward in comfort, stability and maneuverability. Its exterior was redesigned by adopting a solid and rounded contour that accentuated its aerodynamic bodywork, while maintaining the vertical openings of the front grill typical of the Jimny.

And so we get to 2018 where the fourth generation appears …

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